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Dieting is not all about losing weight, dieting is also to maintain weight and help with prevention of heart attacks and strokes with improving cardiac health. Eating healthily is a one step forward to a healthier lifestyle. The American Heart Association Diet has some good guidelines that anyone can follow to stay healthy or get back to being healthy.

Variety of foods including favorite foods, when taken in moderate portions over a period of time is important; however, a person with a good diet plan over a period of time will see results in a healthier lifestyle.

When shopping, the American Heart Association has approved foods that are good for the health and heart. This is marked with a red heart on the product item with a white check mark. When shopping for foods look for lean meats, skinless chicken, and fish high in fat for a good diet. Salmon and tuna are a good high fat fish. Fish is good health food and should be included in a good diet twice a week. Fresh vegetables and fruits are a great food for the heart. High fiber also is a great choice. Try to limit dairy products to low fat and limit salt intake. Salt is a mineral a body needs. Some people are able to take in salt with no advert effects while others have to limit the salt intake. Salt will retain water in the body. As a person gets older or less active, the body can retain more fluids then when younger people.

Some people with chronic heart conditions will have to take salt completely out of their diet. When the heart does not work properly, sometimes the lungs will start filling with fluid. By taking salt out of the diet, water will not retain in the system. On this type of diet plan a person with a heart condition will less apt to get congestive heart fail or heart fail.

Following a good health plan will help risk factor for poor heart health and other conditions such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and other conditions with obesity.

Along with the American Heart Association Diet as with any diet, a good exercise routine should be implemented. Walking briskly, at least 30 minutes a day will help with losing weight; help the heart to continue to pump. Not only does a person need to exercise the body, the heart also needs some exercise. Cardio exercises will help the heart to pump and allow the heart to work harder when needed.

The American Heart Association Diet has been revised gearing towards basic food needs instead of calories. A person should still watch the intake of calories to the mount they burn in a day, however choosing the right foods can make a difference in a person’s health.

Good health and a strong heart does not come over night. A person with heart problems or health problems should consult a doctor first then get a good healthy diet and exercise program to get back the health for a healthy life.

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