Alli – Really An Ally?


With so much hype about this weight-loss panacea, let’s delve into what it does and why perhaps you should or shouldn’t use it.

On Alli’s website, by GlaxoSmithKline, Alli is described this way: Alli is an over-the-counter weight loss product that has in it an ingredient that prevents enzymes in your digestive tract from breaking down fat. Not all the fat you eat is passed from your system, only about a quarter. The site also touts a lower fat diet and suggests you add non-processed (fresh) food to your diet. At a price of about $49.99 for a 60 capsule starter pack, which is 83 cents per pill (plus $69.99 for 120 capsules after that, which is 58 cents per pill), it is an expensive pill to swallow! You could take the information and advice on their website and lose weight for free without buying the pills!

Let’s go over the basics of weight loss.

1. Decide to make a lifestyle change. Make a commitment to change your eating habits and activity level.

2. Reduce your caloric intake. This means eating less calories and less fat. Also you need to reduce the size of your portions.

3. Exercise and move your body more.

4. Use less prepared prepackaged foods. Eat more fresh and home-prepared foods cooked in a manner that is lower fat.

5. Start reading labels on the prepared prepackaged foods that you do buy. Look for the calorie content and portion size.

6. Look for lower fat options on the prepared prepackaged foods you buy. Choose fat-free or reduced fat if available.

7. Limit your intake of sugar-rich beverages.

8. Plan to eat less bread and when you do, try whole wheat.

Alli does give you an online resource to plan your meals, track your progress, a handy carrying case, and ideas to help you get more active. There is also a reference guide that comes with the starter pack. Of course, you can find all the information you want online for free without purchasing the product.

There also side effects (called treatment effects on the site) that you can have if you don’t follow a lower fat diet while on Alli. These side effects include: gas with oily spotting, loose stools, and more frequent stools that may be hard to control. Alli suggests that you stay close to a restroom the first day you start the product. There are also suggestions of timing your dose according to travel and social plans, wearing a dark pair of pants to work in case of accidents, and taking an extra set of clothes with you when you go out.

Do you really think that a pill, a book, or a plan is the be-all-end-all answer? Most people are looking for something that will take the responsibility out their hands. They just want anything easy, something to blame if they fail.

There is just a problem with taking a pill to solve problems. What happens when you stop taking the pill? Do you regain the weight you lost? If you want to lose weight again, do you have to start taking the pills again? Look inside yourself and see what you believe the correct answers are for you. One thing about changing your lifestyle yourself instead of relying on a crutch to help is that you can reap the benefits forever!

Take care of yourself and love yourself!

Frances Lewis

The author operates [] an educational blog about health and weight loss. She is a 30 + year veteran of the health services business and enjoys teaching and mentoring others to regain control of their lives and health. You are not going to believe all the tips, and information that you will get for FREE!

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