3 Quick Tips To Stop Emotional Eating

3 Quick Tips To Stop Emotional Eating

It’s been called the number one sabatoger of weight loss plans everywhere,3 Quick Tips To Stop Emotional Eating Articles whether low carb or low fat, diet or natural weight loss. It’s the dreaded E. E.

Emotional Eating.

If you’ve ever binged on brownies out of boredom, shoveled French fries out of frustration, inhaled apple pie out of anger, you know the damage emotional eating can do to even the best weight loss efforts.

In fact, it’s been estimated that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. (Translation: BIG problem for weight loss)

Although Emotional Eating is a serious problem and often has deep roots, it can be overcome. You don’t have live your life as a slave to emotional eating.

With that in mind, I’ve listed the 3 quick tips to help you stop emotional eating (and start losing weight!) .

#1 Be Happy!

I know, it sounds simple but it works! How tempted are you to eat emotionally when you are happy, challenged, living and enjoying life to the fullest? When you’re excited about life, you don’t NEED food for that quick pick-me-up!

Take some time every day to reflect on what gives you joy in your life. Are you moving in that direction?

Find things to be happy about. Be thankful for special people in your life. Do something outrageously fun–whatever it takes! Happiness will ward off the worst case of emotional eating blues!

#2 Have a Nurture List

Make a list of all the ways you can nurture yourself BESIDES eating. It might be taking a bubble bath or going shopping at your favorite boutique. Anything that you really enjoy.

I call this my “backup list”. All the things I can do BESIDES eating that involve MAJOR self-care. If money is tight, make a list of FREE things you can do instead of eating. Put it up where you can see it. It’s amazing what happens when you give yourself options!

#3 Practice Prevention

Stop emotional eating before it starts! How many times do we start to feel a little blue or bored, and then continue on without addressing it? Before we know it, we’re in a full-scale emotional storm and it’s REALLY hard to fight off that call of the brownies or the potato chips.

Be vigilant. If something bothers you, address it right away (even if it’s only within your head!) and deal with it. You CAN prevent a lot of emotional eating temptations if you practice prevention this way!

By practicing these quick tips, you’ll save yourself from a lot of unwanted calories and emotional eating frustration. Try them and enjoy the results of a smaller waistline!

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