10 Things You Must Know Before You Buy Fat Loss 4 Idiots


Everywhere you go online you’ll see ads for Fat Loss 4 Idiots. “Lose 9 lbs. every 11 days!” the ads claim. But is Fat Loss 4 Idiots really worth the money?

Here are 10 things that you should know before you buy Fat Loss 4 Idiots:

1. The information provided by the program is widely available for free either online or in fitness magazines. It mostly consists of common sense suggestions such as “Don’t eat cookies” and “It’s better not to drink alcohol”.

2. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a diet, not a lifestyle change. Most doctors believe that in order to lose weight and successfully keep it off, you need to make permanent lifestyle changes rather than go on a “diet”.

3. Vegetarian options are extremely limited. I’m a vegetarian and bought this program a few years ago. I was very disappointed with the food options available to me after they had advertised that you can “eat the foods you love”.

4. The diet is based on an idea called “calorie shifting”. There seems to be no medical research to back this idea up. Even the website itself does not offer any comments by doctors.

5. “9 pounds every 11 days” is both unlikely and unhealthy. While it’s true that you may be able to lose a significant amount of weight the first week, that type of rapid weight loss is usually due to loss of water weight and is not sustainable in the long term.

6. Each “meal” consists of only one food. I find this to be an extremely unsatisfying way of eating.

7. The importance of exercise is not stressed. Most health professionals agree that the proper way to lose weight is through a combination of exercise and diet changes. Fat Loss 4 Idiots does not highlight this importance and, in some cases, discourages you from doing strenuous exercise.

8. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a low calorie diet. Because of this, you are likely to regain any weight that you lose.

9. Also because it is a low calorie diet, you will begin to lose muscle mass. Having less muscle mass slows down your metabolism, which will make it even more difficult to keep the weight off.

10. There is no support network for people following the diet. Most people like to have contact with a group of people who are also following a diet in order to get the support they need to stay on track. Fat Loss 4 Idiots does not offer this.

You can choose for yourself whether Fat Loss 4 Idiots is worth the money. I know that most other people will talk about how great the plan is, but I wanted people to know these 10 facts about the program before they buy it because I was extremely unsatisfied with the product when I purchased it.

Shannon Tani is a former fattie, who weighed over 220lbs. She has currently lost over 70lbs. One day she realized that people would rather hear dieting advice from someone who’s “been there, done that” than a boring old doctor who’s never been fat a day in his life. So she started the website Better Off Fat [http://www.better-off-fat.com] to share her experiences and ideas.

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