The Best Go-To Fitness Boot Camp Exercises


Running a successful fitness boot camp class takes a lot of planning and preparation. The exercises you choose need to constantly be changing, and you need to keep it new, fresh, and exciting to keep your campers coming back month after month.

No matter how you run your workouts: whether they are timed workouts, interval workouts, circuits, partner workouts or others, it’s important to always keep your staple “go-to” exercises in mind.

“Go-To” exercises are what will separate a successfully seamless boot camp workout from one that’s choppy and has too many “breaks” while the instructor regroups or reorganizes.

Here are a few things “go-to” exercises can be used for:

1. Transitioning from one part of the workout to the next.

2. Can be used as a “filler” if you have extra time at any point during the workout.

3. Can be used as a back-up exercise if you can’t recall the intended exercise.

4. Can be given to faster campers while they wait for others to finish.

These exercises can be anything you like to use that takes up a small amount of time and challenge the larger muscle groups. This way, you are not fatiguing a specific muscle group that you may try to be targeting in class.

We personally use the following “go-to” exercises in our own fitness boot camps:

1. Inchworms

2. Floppy Burpees

3. Plank or Suicide push-ups

4. Squat and holds

5. Bicycle crunches

6. Deck squats

7. Spiderman Plank

8. A Short Run

Remember to always have a plan before you show up to your class. Don’t ever just “figure it out” along the way. Check out this awesome (and free) boot camp workout for some cool ideas you can use in your own class:

As long as you deliver results, your campers will be happy! We hope the exercises listed above will help keep the down time in your boot camp to a minimum!

Good Luck!

Alicia Streger, RKC, CSCS

Carrie Kukuda, RKC, NB-CPT



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