Ten Lessons That Wrestling Taught Me


We all have life experiences that help to shape the person we eventually become. I would like to share some lessons I learned through my experience as a middle school and high school wrestler. While it is true that I was not the greatest technician in the world, what I lacked in techniques I feel I made up for with heart, guts and tons of hard work. I think it is safe to say that if you have never wrestled, your threshold for physical exertion is just a bit lower than those of us that have had the pleasure. Here are the ten lessons that wrestling taught me.

1. Wrestling taught me discipline…the discipline to eat, train and live a certain way in order to succeed, even if it wasn’t always enjoyable.

2. It taught me the importance of sacrifice…sacrificing eating foods I like and going out with friends on Friday night in exchange for running an additional hour or two after a two hour wrestling practice in order to make weight the next day.

3. It taught me perseverance…the perseverance to push through extreme physical discomfort and exhaustion.

4. Wrestling taught me the importance of commitment…commitment to a team and to myself.

5. It taught me that hard work does in fact pay off.

6. It taught me that some battles in life can be won with guts and heart.

7. Wrestling taught me what the body and mind is truly capable of enduring.

8. It taught me how stand up on my own two feet after a personal defeat.

9. It taught me that sometimes life is not fair… and I will have to pick up the pieces, suck it up and move on.

10. Wrestling taught me that anything worth having in life is worth the fight.

by Dave Coffin, CSCS

Dave Coffin is a strength and conditioning specialist in the Greater Boston area. He develops comprehensive athletic development programs for wrestlers, lacrosse players, hockey players and football players. He can be contacted at dcoffin280@comcast.net.
Also check out his blog at http://www.davecoffin.wordpress.com

Dave Coffin, CSCS
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Premier Sport and Fitness

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