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By now almost everyone knows SHRED Jillian Michaels 30 Day Workout video. The video can be purchased for around $10-$15 and it worth every penny. Jillian Michaels the female trainer, usually of the black team, on “The Biggest Loser” was once overweight herself and is now a shining example of what hard work and determination can do for someone. Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to both meet women who have done the shred workout and actually have been able to do it myself.

What Shred 30 Day Workout Includes

Shred by Jillian Michaels includes a workout program that consists of workout levels and arranged so that you have warm-ups, cool-downs and circuit training workouts. Each circuit consists of cardio, strength training and abs exercises. The cardio uses something similar to Turbulence Training which is interval cardio training. Exercises range from high knees, jumping jacks, and double jump rope.

The strengthening workout requires you to have a set of hand weights, however if you are just beginning I would recommend to start light and work your way up. Jillian Michaels and the women in the video appear to be using weights that weigh less than 5lbs. The key well probably to make sure you have a range of weights to make sure you get an optimum resistance.

Intensity of Jillian Michaels Workout

Though level 2 may seem a bit difficult for the person who is just beginning and a little under paced for a fit person level 3 is full enough for anyone. However with any program including 30 Day Shred it is up to the person doing the workout to keep up the intensity level and keep up with Jillian. It is so easy for the normal everyday person to want to stop or give up. My advice is to keep pushing because it is less about the video or the trainer and more about you.

Quick Enough For Anyone

The one thing I like about the video besides the high intensity interval training is that it can be done at home or hotel and only takes up 20 minutes of your time. I mean come on who doesn’t have 20 minutes per day to get into shape. If you even watch “The Biggest Loser” you are already spending 2 hours in one sitting just to watch others on their weight loss mission. Within those two hours you could have done 6 days worth of the workout Shred Jillian Michaels teaches.

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