Russian Kettlebells For Beginners


One of the most frequent questions I am asked as a personal trainer is: “What is the best tool to use?” They usually assume that I’ll say kettlebells, since they usually ask me this question during a kettlebell class. They always seem stunned when I tell them that the best tool for each person is the tool that the person enjoys the most.

But now that kbs are getting more visibility, more and more people are hearing that they are the only way to go for fat loss, muscle buildling, etc. You name it, someone is claiming that these Russian strength training tools can do it.

But they can’t. A kb is simply a piece of iron. It cannot do anything on its own. Of course it can be effective for someone, as long as that person enjoys using it to exercise with. That is not always the case, and that is what the marketing hype-masters seem to ignore. Training success is about training longevity. The more a person can look forward to their workouts, the more likely they are to succeed.

The less pain a person experiences during workout, the better results they will have in the long term. They more fun someone has while strength training, the stronger they can become. But those things do not always happen with every implement. Personal preference still plays a part, and I think kettlebell trainers would do well to realize that.

The goal is to make the client better, not to make sure they familiarize themselves with a tool just because it is the trainer’s favorite tool, or because they’re financially married to the training system or the company promoting the products.

Kettlebells for beginners is no different than dumbbells or barbells for beginners. You learn the movements. If you can perform them safely, you should see if you like it or not. Then, perform consistent workouts and make strength gains the goal. It really that simple, no matter what the tool is. Find a trainer, test drive the product, and if you are having fun, then you have graduated from the 101 class. It is just not as complicated as the instructors will tell you, and I say that as a certified instructor.

But if you decide that the implement is not for you, do not let anyone tell you you are doing it for wrong. The beginner has the right to choose what he enjoys. Progress can be made in many different ways, with many different types of equipment.

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