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New personal training business clients are the lifeblood of a fitness trainers salary. Each new client represents income. The biggest challenge personal trainers face is locating new prospects to become customers.

One of the most effective, and least expensive ways to find new fitness business clients is to always be power networking. If you are a fitness pro that does not leverage the profit power of networking, then you are making a big mistake. Your personal training income most likely is suffering.

So how do you power network to profit in your personal training business? Simple! It is important to always be talking about your business. Every person you encounter should know that you improve the health and fitness of others. Are you not helping people live a healthier, more fit, and better quality of life? Of course you are. Therefore, do not be shy, and tell people about how you can impact their lives.

A high personal trainer salary is not for shy professionals. Remember, always be marketing your services. Here are some great examples of how you should always be power networking.

1. Talk to new people you meet.

Make yourself available! When you meet new people they will generally ask what you do. Tell them about your personal training business. You are doing them a disservice if you do not. Hand them one of your personal fitness trainer cards. Tell them to keep you in mind if they know people who would benefit from your fitness services.

2. Get involved in networking groups, and the community.

Get your name out by joining local groups. Your goal should be to meet as many people as you possibly can. Remember, this is free fitness marketing. It equals the opportunity to raise your personal training income. The only cost is your time.

3. Talk to your clients about their friends, and family.

Cleverly mention to your existing personal training business clients that you are accepting a couple more clients. Existing customers are the best walking testimonials. Their friends, and family will trust them in recommending you. Acquiring new fitness business clients is easy when your existing customers refer you to their peer group.

4. Talk to other health care practitioners.

Do not forget about power networking with other health care providers. If they know you, and like you, then they will send you new fitness business clients. Hand them some of your marketing materials, and talk cross referrals.

Implementing these four simple power networking strategies has the potential to build your entire personal training business empire. The good news is the only cost is time. Power networking does not generally cost money other than your marketing materials. Please remember to start talking about your fitness business, and never stop. Talk equals profits!

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