New Ideas For Designing Fitness Boot Camp Workouts


Designing and delivering a kick a** Boot Camp Workout EVERY class can be a challenge. As a boot camp instructor, you need to constantly be mixing up your workouts to keep things fresh and exciting for your campers.

Here are a few ideas you may want to consider when designing your workouts:

1. Use Tabatas and Interval Training. Getting campers results is critical to your success as a boot camp, and interval training will likely get the job done faster. Try some combined Tabatas like squats for the first 20 seconds, rest 10 sec, and mountain climbers for the next 20 seconds. Keep alternating for the entire set. You can even do a double Tabata (back to back for 8 minutes total!)

2. Try using timed workout sets. Take 3-4 different exercises and have campers complete as many rounds as they can (with proper form) in a certain amount of time. For example: Have your campers perform: 8 push-ups, 8 reverse lunges per side, and 8 burpees as many times as they can in 10 minutes. Everyone will finish at the same time and this will motivate your boot campers to work even harder! This is also great to measure progress if you keep track of their rounds and then do the same workout 4-6 weeks later.

3. Use “Rounds” in your boot camp workouts. Give your campers a circuit of exercises and have them perform as fast as possible (with good form) for the designated number of rounds. Example: 3 rounds for time: ¼ mile run, 25 walking lunges (per side), 50 mountain climbers, and 25 sit-ups. Just make sure to have exercises ready for the people who finish first!

4. Change it up ALL the time. If you are constantly changing up your boot camp workout- your campers will feel like they are missing out if they skip a class. Some people think that a client who signs up and never shows up is awesome. It’s NOT. You want them to come back next month don’t you?!

5. Give your boot campers a “Fitness Challenge!” This is one of my favorite ways to motivate campers to push themselves. We give our campers the same “fitness test” about once a week. (We use a ½ mile run, 30 squats, 30 push-ups, and 30 bicycle crunches in the fastest time possible.) Don’t forget to shout out their times when they’re finished. The Fitness test allows them to track their progress from week to week and can come in very handy if someone is getting frustrated with the scale. You can show them that they are making great improvements even if the weight doesn’t come off right away.

We hope this helps you to design some fun, exciting and effective boot camp workouts! You can check out one of our favorite complete Boot Camp Workouts here for free at!

Good Luck!

Alicia Streger, RKC, CSCS

Carrie Kukuda, RKC, NC-CPT



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