Green Tea Diets – 3 Tips For Effective Green Tea Diets


When we look at dieting, we generally think “food,” but we should also be considering what we drink as part of our diet. This of course means that we have to consider soda and juice as part of our daily diet. For some of you, you may be on a good diet, but if you don’t count your liquids as part of the diet, you generally will not lose weight or burn much fat. Here are some tips to use when dieting the green tea way!

1. Green Tea Post Workout

Yes, you burn fat and lose weight as you exercise and lift weights, when building muscle in your body you are also burning fat as you use your stored fat as expendable energy. When you are done working out it’s a good idea to load up on carbs and protein, your muscles need these for optimal recovery. Here’s a tip: at this time, it’s also vital to drink at least 1 cup of green tea to maximize fat loss.

When you’re done working out your body is burning more calories for the rest of the day, this is further boosted with the antioxidants that green tea provides. Green tea allows you to flush away unwanted toxins (FAT) from your body at a much higher rate than without it.

2. Delicious Green Tea

Some of the bigger problems people have with green tea diets is that people generally don’t like the somewhat hard flavor of tea. Green tea isn’t supposed to taste good, it’s just used to provide added benefits to your body. Here’s how to make green tea taste great. Take a cup and drop some lemon juice in it, about 2 teaspoons of it.

Now add some ice cubes to your cup and your boiled green tea and pour it in your iced cup. As your green tea is cooling, add some more lemon juice.

You can also add all-natural orange juice if you prefer.

This makes green tea taste great without having to add pure sugar.

3. Green Tea For Breakfast

Instead of drinking coffee during breakfast, replace that with a nice warm cup of green tea. There’s just as much caffeine in the green tea as there is in the coffee plus there are many more benefits with green tea.

What this does is turn on your natural fat burning mechanisms in your body, which is your metabolism, the earlier you drink a cup of green tea, the more weight you will lose.

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