Five Ways to Stick to Your Workout


Most of us know that a workout, be it for toning up the muscles or shedding weight must be done regularly. Yet, many of them fail to stick to it for some reason or the other. Lack of time is the usual excuse, though boredom and lack of motivation are perhaps the real reasons. It is estimated that about 50% of people who start a workout program give up within 6 months to one year. It has to be made a part and parcel of your life forever. You may follow these five steps to stick to your program.

1) Change your mindset – If you want to derive the full benefits of a workout which probably you have meticulously planned after consulting a friend or a trainer, you should change your mindset about working out. Do not think that working out is a chore; instead take workouts as a way of life. Think of exercise as a productive way of stress relief and losing weight.

2) Mix and match your routines – Instead of repeating 2 or 3 sets of the same exercise with some rest interval, you can mix one type of exercise with another type. For example, you may follow the sequence below:

· Chest press – 10reps
· Lat pull downs – 10reps
· Squats – 10reps
· Bicycle crunches – 10reps

You can repeat the above 2 or 3 times as prescribed for you. This type of workout mix would be fun since you are not repeating the same exercise pattern every day.

3) Switch over to a Swiss ball – By its very construction, the Swiss ball is unstable and more muscles are at work when you exercise with it. With a Swiss ball you can perform some very common exercises like Machine shoulder press, Floor crunch, dumb bell, Bench press, Seated cable Row.

4) Team up with a workout partner – If you have a workout partner, then you get the necessary drive to go for a workout. Study by a well known expert in Psychology has revealed that people who did their workouts with a partner had a calmer disposition and are more energetic than those who did the workouts. If you think that doing the workouts alone is boring and no suitable partner is available, you may join a fitness boot camp or enroll in a group fitness class.

5) Hire a personal trainer – You may think that hiring fitness trainers is the exclusive privilege of the rich and the famous. However, this day getting one is gaining currency. The personal trainer could be hired on weekly basis or for once a month change of program. They can help you by providing a variety of exercises to make your workout exciting.

An international health and fitness organization has recently conducted a survey. According to it, 90% of people who are getting positive results of workout; are working out under the guidance of an expert.

So it is the personal psyche of the individual that makes one stick to his/her workout routine. One should have the will power to go on. The positive results witnessed by both the trainer as well as the individual are the driving force behind such workout programs.

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