Five Occasions When You Might Need a Personal Trainer


We all crave the body beautiful, even if it’s for our other half rather than our own. But if you work long hours, have kids to look after or you’re just used to a more casual existence, it can be difficult to find the time and motivation to do the hard work that’s needed.

Even when we do get down the gym, we need an ample portion of self-discipline to attain our goals and even then you may not reach your targets if you’re misusing the equipment or performing the wrong exercises.

In these circumstances, a personal trainer could be exactly what you need. So if any of the scenarios below sound like you, maybe it’s time to seek a little help and support from the experts to help you get the body you want.

1) The beach body for the upcoming holiday – If the hols are booked, you’ve given yourself a deadline. But if the deadline’s getting closer and the waist-line’s getting further away, it could be time to hire a personal trainer. They can help draw up an exercise programme that will factor in your requirements and the timescale involved. They’ll also help to manage your expectations.

2) You want to bulk up – It’s not all slimming down that goes on at these gyms, you may be a little too slight for your liking and want help putting on the right kind of weight – ie, muscle. A personal trainer will be able to help tell you what you should be eating as well as what weights to lift, and how, in order to achieve your goals.

3) Get fitter for sport – No matter what standard or level you intend to play a sport at, there’s always a part of you that wonders how good you could be with better fitness. A personal trainer can help you get fit in time for the new season or an upcoming charity race or any other sporting event that you want to do your best in.

4) You want to lose weight – If you’re not at your ideal weight and are struggling to make a start on slimming down or even if you need help losing the final few pounds, a trainer can be the motivating factor you need to go the extra yard and hit your target. Not only that, but they can help you with staying at your ideal weight, rather than putting the weight back on.

5) You need to recover from an injury – if you’ve suffered an injury (or suffered an illness) and have been advised to use exercise to aid your rehabilitation, you may need an extra push or – if you’re trying to hard – some helpful advice on not rushing your recovery. Whatever help you need, a personal trainer can help.

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