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The Fitbug

Every body wants to try and lead a healthy lifestyle, but like most of us knowing where to start is hard. With busy lifestyles it is so hard to keep track of what we are eating and how much exercise we are getting. There is a brilliant little electronic gizmo that can help you on to the path for healthy living. The Fitbug is a online health program, using a piece of equipment called ‘The bug’ it records absolutely everything. ‘The Bug’ is a pocket sized computer that you can take with you every where it keeps track of every step you take, calories burnt and much more. A personalized program will be made and designed to fit in with your life style, because it is tailor made it is so much easier to sustain.

How Does it work

The fitbug works out a personal plan once the wearer has worn this for one week, the computer from this will know what sort of lifestyle the person leads. Weekly targets are set and realistic eating and activities are given. On top of all this the user will receive there very own personal log in to there online site. You can log into your progress page anytime and track your progress if motivation or advice is required it will be all on here. The fit bug is for all types of people wishing to achieve different goals:

Weight loss
Tone up
Monitor health condition
Post-natal/lose baby fat
Weight gain



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