Beat Yourself, Then Get Back in the Lead!


If you need one driving source in life it’s got to be progression and taking the next step. Progressing is a motivation source and a way we feel good about ourselves. From years ago and for years to come, we have and will progress. Whether it’s in medicine, electric cars, heart rate watches, the latest trainers or your Laptop/Phone/iPad you read this article with. There are thousands more to name but would they all exist now if we said ‘that’ll do’.

In your next fitness sessions don’t settle for ‘that’ll do’ otherwise you will not progress. Your mindset will be satisfied with the same continuing you. Shift yourself up a gear and aim high. That’s what goals are for. I am yet to see an initial goal say ‘I want to get fitter’ and when completed the new goal saying ‘ah excellent, this will do me’. You may well be where you aimed to be but you can do better! Your new goal will say ‘Goal 1 achieved, now push on and improve further’.

Compete with yourself! Take positives and negatives from each session, push the positives further and turn around the negatives. You are the competition and your competition is you!

What I mean by beat yourself is achieving your highly aimed goals. You do more than what you expected, then getting back in lead means you need to go a step further and progress further. Never let yourself settle, progress and aim high and get the results you deserve.

Matt Brinkley.
Inspiring Fitness (R) Personal Trainer.

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