Simple Carbs For Rookies


Now that you know the importance of good carbohydrates, you are going to learn about one of your body`s worst enemies, simple carbs. Simple carbs are everywhere and can easily be consumed if you are not careful with your food choices. Distinguishing the difference between complex and simple carbs is also confusing. A good way to remember is by the “s`s.” Simple and sugar both begin with an “s” and sugar is what you want to avoid right? So avoid simple carbs.

Simple carbs are basically just sugars added to processed foods. You can find them in soda`s, honey, cakes, many breakfast cereals, and even beer. Don`t be fooled into buying something that is fat free. Educate yourself by reading food labels on what is healthy and what is junk. Let`s say that we are going to have a bowl of “Corn Flakes.” Sure, there is not much fat in them but when the first words on the list of ingredients say “enriched wheat flour, or “high fructose corn syrup,” you have a problem. You should be looking for the words “whole grain wheat,” instead.

If your diet consists mostly of simple carbs, do not expect to lose any fat. Your energy levels will be so low that you feel the need to be eating just to keep awake. “So why are you writing an entire article on simple carbs if they are bad for me,” you may ask. Well simple carbs have positives to them.

After a hard day of training or working at a strenuous labored job, your body needs glycogen and wants it fast. This is when an “insulin spike” becomes useful. An insulin spike is repleneshing however many calories you`ve burnt throughout the workout. The nutrients you use to replenish your body should be a three to one ratio of simple carbs to protein. The most commonly used post workout simple carb is dextrose, which is the main ingredient in Gatorade powder. If you don`t have access to dextrose, then a simple liquid carb, such as orange juice, will work just fine.

Simple carbs are useful but they can become your worst enemy if you consume them at the wrong times. Almost everything you do in bodybuilding needs to be timed perfectly. There`s a time to eat, a time to sleep, a time to take your supplements,and even a time to have your post-workout meal. Welcome to the wonderful world of bodybuilding.

Simple Carbs For Rookies
Zach Bashore
November 15, 2005

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