Is Your Immune System Ready to See Some Action?


As winter approaches, it’s the time of year when you don’t want to have your immune system caught with it’s pants down. So here’s 6 simple steps will show you how to build up some immune system protection.

Step 1 – There’s Some Foods You Need to Avoid:

Foods such as fried foods, preservatives, margarine, burned meat and most vegetable oils are high in free radicals – chemicals formed when this food is ingested and exposed to the oxygen we breathe. When this occurs there is an additional demand on our immune system to neutralize these free radicals, making us more susceptible to disease. Vegetable oils are also high in omega 6 fatty acids and these tend to ‘switch off’ or immune system. Excess sugar and refined carbohydrates tend to suppress the immune system and should also be avoided. Excessive alcohol consumption and absolutely no smoking!

Step 2 – Healthy Diet:

Consume more green leafy vegetables and colourful fruit. These tend to have a higher level of natural antioxidants (Vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc) and phyto-nutriuents (carotenoids and bioflavenoids) that nourish the immune system and stimulate the production of immune system cells and enhance it’s protective capacity in defending against free radical pollutants. Drink plenty of water – this helps to detoxify the body allowing it to run more efficiently. An increased consumption of omega 3 fatty acids found in flax seed oil, tuna, salmon, ocean trout and mackerel boosts the immune system by stimulating production of certain hormones associated with the immune system.

Step 3 – Moderate Exercise:

The emphasis is on moderate exercise which stimulates the immune system, possibly by increasing the circulation of cells associated with the immune system functions. By contrast, overtraining can have the opposite effect and drag the immune system down. I’m sure we’ve all heard about athletes coming down with ‘mystery viruses’ and chronic fatigue.

Step 4 – A Good Night’s Sleep:

Improved sleep and sleep patterns have consistently proven be a factor in boosting and improving the immune system. If you work night shift, the best advice is to make some time to sleep or rest quietly during the day and avoid the foods we mentioned.

Step 5 – Immune System Supplements:

The most important supplements that boost the immune system are the minerals Selenium and zinc and vitamins A (as beta-carotene), C & E. Numerous studies on all of these nutrients conclusively show improved function of the immune system in terms of the production in the presence of these nutrients. A specific supplement should contain all of these nutrients and be especially high in Selenium.

Step 6 – Essential Oils:

Often overlooked because we don’t understand enough about them. Essential oils contain literally thousands of antiviral compounds that will kill and prevent the disease and also compounds that boost and stimulate the immune system. Best oils are Lavender, Eucalyptus radiata, Lemon and Helichrysum.


In this article we’ve outlined a common sense approach of how to build up immune system protection. The main factors are:

  1. Healthy diet – avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, refined carbohydrates fried food and margarine and increasing your intake of fresh water, fruit, green leafy vegetables and essential fatty acids.
  2. Healthy lifestyle – plenty of rest and moderate exercise.
  3. Supplement with an immune boosting supplement containing Selenium, Zinc and vitamins A, C and E.

Paul Newland is a health writer, sports training consultant and martial arts instructor and runs the [] website. He is the author of numerous health information books and guides, including the Wellness Report and the Bird Flu Report – available Free through [].

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