High Energy Food Illustrations

High Energy Food Illustrations

Take a raw carrot,High Energy Food Illustrations Articles and hold it to a bare flame. Nothing
much happens except some charring and bad smell.

Place some liquid fat (oils) in a shallow dish prepared
with a wick. Touch a match to the saturated wick, and
observe the heat and light that results. This is one of the
oldest kinds of light source known to humankind.

Take some solid fat, meat trimmings or tallow, or left over
fat globules from meat dishes. A match might be sufficient
to start a flame, or a bit more heat might be needed.

Take some sugar and treat as the solid fat. Preheating might
be needed, or start with chemical igniter or acid, but you
can end up with a bad smelling carbon sponge.

Mix sugar with potassium nitrate (“saltpeter”, a source of
oxygen) and sulfur in the right proportions and you can make
a weak form of gun powder.

Place some alcohol of at least 50 percent concentration
(also called “100 proof”) in a shallow disk, with or without
a wick. A match is enough to start a bright flame.

All these examples, except the carrot, are high energy
foods. Consume more than you need and your body weight will
increase. Restrict them and you have a chance of losing

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