Cooking Versus Raw Diet


From a theoretical standpoint it is easy to reason to the conclusion that a raw diet– grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts–should be the natural food of man. One can easily imagine how the first man to discover fire found comfort in basking in its warmth, and how natural it would be under these circumstances for him to also first warm any food that he might wish to eat.

Thus it is not at all difficult to find the origin of cooking, for, from warming to cooking a food is but a step. Although from a theoretical standpoint raw food seems to have been intended by nature as the best for all animal kind, human and otherwise, the fact that we have for many generations subsisted almost entirely on cooked food must be considered.

“Cooking destroys the life cells in food–the cells which make and sustain life in man. Cook a seed thoroughly and see whether it will sprout when planted.

All live vegetation is capable of either reproducing its own kind or of furnishing life or vitality to other organized living things; take away its life and it can do neither.

All foods for men and animals must come from either animal or vegetable life. To give any comprehensive information of value in reference to cooking would require a book in itself. But, I would like to call attention to the usual inclination to cook every article of food until a large portion of its nourishing, life-giving qualities are actually disorganized and destroyed. Then, no element can be used as a food.

Excessive cooking, also, so softens the food that it is swallowed without chewing. A food should be cooked only so long as is necessary to bring out its richest flavor. It should never be allowed to assume the consistency of mush. Foods of this character are of little value to nourish the body; vital food in balance with cooked food, can lead to a life that is abundant in energy. So mix it up, enjoy your cooking and furthermore enjoy good health.

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