Will Avian Flu become Pandemic


Experts are saying that Avian Flu or Bird Flu could become Pandemic at some time in the future, and it could affect the human race, The World Health Organization has recognized that there could be a problem, Governments have been urged to update all their plans for counteracting any possibility of this happening.

Estimates have been made that something like 50 million deaths could be expected if this flu developed in to a strain that could be passed on by humans

Pandemic Flu, means an outbreak of a flu strain that has reached different countries that have no geographical connection.
There is NO Pandemic Flu at the moment but the authorities are concerned about an outbreak of a virus in South East Asia that has killed a number of people.

The flu has been seen for some time in birds, especially Chickens, which has led to millions of birds being killed, The strain involved is H5N1 and has been found in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, only a small number of people have so far died and it would appear that they almost all, had contact with birds.

The virus moves easily between birds, and sometimes it has obviously passed to humans, but at this stage it does not appear to have the ability to transfer from Human to Human, but that is not to say that sometime in the future the virus could not mutate, so that it can transfer easily.

The figures that are forecast are based usually on previous Pandemic Viruses that have hit the world, so it really could be anyone’s guess. The people most at risk would normally of course be the weak the elderly and the very young, but this kind of virus would be unpredictable, so it could affect healthy people just as much.

Vaccines are currently being produced, but they can take months to develop and then of course they have to be manufactured in millions to cope with any situation that might arise.

There is currently one drug being manufactured which is supposed to beat the Avian Flu, but it is in such short supply, that in certain cities of the world it is fetching more than the street price of Heroin.

There is absolutely no need to panic, because this particular virus might never develop in to being a problem for humanity, and most countries have contingency plans for a flu pandemic, because they do happen from time to time, thankfully not too frequently. In the last century the 1900’s there were three. If you do a search in Google, you will find a lot more information on Avian Flu.

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