Who Says You Won’t Enjoy the Beach When You’re on a Wheelchair?


Summer is fast approaching, as early as now, we plan superb escapades and cool adventures. Once again, a vacation is tempting us to go untamed. The warm breeze is inviting us to have an escape on the beach and have a refreshing plunge away from the stressful world. For a moment the world can turn into a paradise of fun and excitement.

Every person yearns for a fun-filled breath of air on the beach or by the river. However, a number of people are restricted to do so for the reason that they are confined in their usual wheelchairs. But not anymore, a newly launched product will wipe their worries away. The unprecedented launch of beach wheelchairs has changed thousand of lives out there. With this breakthrough, everybody can now share the delight of having fun on the beach.

A beach wheelchair is a highly functional, long-lasting and affordable wheelchair that can uplift the spirit of your loved ones. You can find and order beach wheelchairs in Florida, California, Minnesota and Washington. You can also fax or e-mail the manufacturers to order one.

Beach wheelchairs are tested to offer comfort and durability. The manufacturers used it first in order to guarantee its quality. You can use the wheelchair to recline in an upright position, to elevate your leg with the legrest, to make a slight tilt-in-space action, to fully tilt in position and a lot more.

Stainless steel tubing was used to preclude rusting. Its width and height were also made accessible to doorways and passages. Its interchangeable pool wheels have fewer on tire air pressure so that the person using it can enjoy the seashore with lesser force application. To eliminate salt water corrosion, the wheel hubs are made from poly-nylon material. The rear suspension casters and articulates were tilted to allow the four wheels to maintain its contact with the ground when going across uneven terrain, making it more steady than standard outdoor wheelchairs. The comfortable sling seating system material was also made with U.V. inhibitor. In order to free the hands, armrests are made detachable for lateral transfers.

The bliss of returning to nature and not feeling restricted can come alive with the help of beach wheelchairs. You can have an umbrella attached to it to beat the summer heat. With beach wheelchairs everybody is going to enjoy the dip and the vacation. Thanks to this innovation – we’re all going to have fun!

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