When Toothache and Pain Hit You Some Relief

When Toothache and Pain Hit You Some Relief

There is no replacement for dental work or proper dental hygiene,When Toothache and Pain Hit You Some Relief. Articles

however for a lot of reasons you might find yourself in a particular

situation where you can’t get into the dentist right away. Please do

follow up with your dentist as soon as possible because tooth ache can

be a symtom of other diseases.
Herbs for a toothache are best taken in tincture form, because the

alcohol content is disinfecting and astringent, which helps with the

infection and to reduce inflammation.

My herbs of choice are the herbs Goldenseal, garlic,
Oregon Grape and echinacea. Alterative, antibacterial, antiviral,

analgesic, digestive, tonic, antiseptic, depurative, febrifuge,

sialagogue, diaphoretic.
Echinacea stimulates the body’s immune system against all infectious

and inflammatory conditions, counteracts pus, and stimulates digestion.

It specifically strengthens the immune system against pathogenic

infection by stimulating phagocytosis, T-cell formation, and by

inhibiting the hyalurinadase enzyme secreted by bacteria to effect the

breakdown of cell walls and the formation of pus. It is one of the most

powerful and effective remedies against all kinds of bacterial and

viral infections. It should be taken frequently, every hour or two

during acute stages of inflammation, tapering off as symptoms improve.

A garlic swallow- counters most bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
Golden Seal was highly prized by Native Americans as a general

ulceration. Golden Seal’s numerous uses are attributed to its

antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.
Oregon Grape is also a good source of berberine which is one of the

active principles in Goldenseal. The alkaloids in Oregon Grape Root,

especially berberine and hydrastine, have been used to combat a wide

variety of infectious agents. The herb has been shown effective against

staph, strep, tuberculosis and escherichia coli, in addition to curing

an increasingly troublesome, water-borne disease called giardiasis.

For temporary pain relief for toothache here are some herbs that work

well. But remember get to your dentist as soon as possible as tooth

pain maybe symtoms of more serious disease.
A pain-reliever, an antispasrnodic, a sedative, and an antidepressant

may all be in included in a typical herbal formula created by a medical

herbalist. For example, one herbal combination may include equal parts

of willow bark (for pain), cramp bark (for spasm), valerian (a

sedative), and St. Johns wort (an antidepressant).

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