What Causes Bad Breath Anyway?

What Causes Bad Breath Anyway?

We have all suffered from an
occasional case of bad breath. It’s estimated that 50 to 65
percent of the population suffer from bad breath. A few
unfortunate people suffer from chronic bad breath,What Causes Bad Breath Anyway? Articles seeming
never to get rid of the foul odor that escapes every time
they open their mouth. But what is the main cause of bad

Like all living organisms, we have a variety of other
organisms that live in or on us in a constant balance of
life. In case of bad breath, the main cause is the bacteria
that normally occur within your mouth; or more specifically
the waste products these bacteria produce from their normal
biological life.

Life of Bacteria in Your Mouth

Your body is a host to
billions of bacteria, and the majority of them are
beneficial to you; there are bacteria in your stomach which
aid food digestion, there are helpful bacteria on your skin
which protect you against other harmful bacteria, and there
are bacteria that just love the environment of your mouth.
The last type is called anaerobic bacteria.

Anaerobic bacteria live best in conditions where there is no
oxygen. There are plenty of places for anaerobic bacteria to
live in your mouth; under the gum line, on the back of your
tongue, between the teeth, and just about any place in your
mouth that may be covered by a thin film. It is the waste
products of the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.

Again, a person’s mouth is home to hundreds of different
species of bacteria. There is a constant battle going on in
your mouth at all times. A battle for living space between
that cause bad breath and those that don’t. The precise
balance between these types of bacteria, determines the
freshness of your breath.

How Do They Cause Bad Breath?

Through normal living
process, these bacteria produce waste products in your
mouth. The most common of these are volatile sulfur
compounds with very unpleasant odor. These compounds are
referred to as “volatile” because they readily evaporate
when exposed to air under normal temperatures. This
volatility of these compounds can offend those around you
very quickly.

While these volatile sulfur compounds are principal factor
of bad breath cause, the anaerobic bacteria produce numerous
other compounds that also have such offensive odors. They

* Cadaverine – creates the smell associated with corpses
* Putrescine – causes the odor of decaying meat
* Skatole – has the characteristic smell of human feces
* Isovaleric Acid – produces the smell of sweaty feet

What Do Anaerobic Bacteria Eat?

The waste products
mentioned above are produced as anaerobic bacteria digest
proteins. Therefore, anytime you eat a source of protein,
the bacteria in your mouth get a meal too.

Even without an obvious source of protein, the anaerobic
bacteria in your mouth can find a protein source anytime.
There are many natural protein sources in your mouth, from
dead skin cells to proteins found in saliva.


While you can’t do anything about the fact that
bacteria live in your mouth, it is important to realize that
the disturbed balance between anaerobic bacteria and other
types is a key factor in the cause of bad breath. You should
do everything you can to make the conditions of your mouth
as unattractive to anaerobic bacteria as possible.

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