The Wisdom To Heal

The Wisdom To Heal

When it comes too natural healing,The Wisdom To Heal Articles it is my belief that most chronic illness or disease can be healed naturally. It is also my belief that the foods we choose to eat play a major rule in many chronic conditions.

We have a large quantity of food available to choose from however, due to the modern methods of refining the quality of the food is destroyed. I believe that when we get back to the basics of a whole natural diet that our body will respond and bring to us a perfect state of health. Many diseases are nature’s attempt to rid our body of congestion that has accumulated over the years of wrong eating and drinking.

The wisdom to heal from the diseased state comes in the form of change. Nothingness brings Nothingness, Change brings Change, and Change brings healing. The first question I always ask others who want to learn how to heal is this: How bad do you want to heal? The second questions is what are you willing to do to get it? Without change, you will stay as you are; healing a chronic disease takes effort and time. Remember that you did not develop the chronic condition overnight, and your body will not heal from it overnight.

If you are willing to change your “Lifestyle”, then your body is willing to work with you and start the process of healing. The wisdom to heal, I believe comes from learning and putting to use in your life the basics of man’s original diet. Whole natural foods, that are not refined and that do not contain preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavoring, and chemicals is what our body needs to return to a healthy state.

Our body does react to what we eat and what is in the food we eat. The Creator of this universe neglected nothing and when we eat our food whole as it was given to us, and not refined or processed which destroys its life giving elements, it will meet all the requirements we need for a healthy existence.

So I ask you this question? How bad do you want to heal? And what are you willing to do to get it? The wisdom to heal is in whole natural foods.

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