The truth about Smokers ‘Concentration Con’

The truth about Smokers 'Concentration Con'

Smokers make many excuses for not quitting. One of them is
the ‘concentration con’. How many times have you heard a
smoker say, ‘I’d like to quit, but it helps me
concentrate’. Maybe you’ve said it yourself ?

In reality, smoking doesn’t help concentration from a
medical viewpoint. So the idea that smoking helps
concentration is just a perception, or an imagined positive
reason for not quitting.

It’s true that withdrawal symptoms, starting not long after
your last cigarette, cause feelings of irritability and
restlessness. These feelings started because of
cigarettes, and it’s strange that another cigarette should
be the way to relieve them.

In fact, smoking makes concentration much harder, not
easier. Although another cigarette temporarily relieves
the symptoms caused by the cigarette in the first place,
the cigarette is not the aid to concentration which many
smokers wrongly choose to believe.

Truth is, smoking another cigarette will make concentration
progressively harder. With any drug, you eventually need
more and more of it to produce the same effect. A smoker
will never be able to concentrate as well as a non-smoker.
The more he smokes, the less relief he’ll get from each

Let’s look at the medical side of the ‘concentration con’.
Clogged arteries, caused by smoking, starve the brain of
oxygen and reduce our ability to concentrate. Carbon
monoxide, produced by cigarettes, is well-known as a
poison… not an aid to concentration.

The ‘concentration con’ is an example of the psychological
addiction that makes a cigarette slave of so many people.

Among the many reasons Smokers use to justify their habit,
the ‘concentration con’ stands up to the least scrutiny.
But it must be exposed as a con. Once it’s exposed, then
it’s no longer a threat. Once the smoker is shown proof of
the ‘concentration con’, and once he believes that proof,
then this self-fulfilling belief disappears for ever.

This article has shown that lack of concentration is
actually caused by smoking in the first place, and can be
only temporarily relieved by another cigarette. One of the
greatest benefits of quitting smoking is a return to a
clear head, and the ability to properly concentrate again.
Once you see the ‘concentration con’ for what it really is,
you’re much closer to finally quitting smoking.

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