The Right Approach

The Right Approach

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The Right Approach

As you read this over 25% of woman and 25% of men in USA are trying to lose weight.
I know this is no new news to you but this is really scaring me that over 300,000 died last year due to weight related causes and over 60% of Americans are considered overweight. Overweight Americans spend $700 more a year on medical bills then those who are not overweight that is a total of $93 billion in extra medical expenses per year.
The keys to losing weight is proper nutrition and exercise. But for many that still may not be enough. I think it is really sad that over 95% of people who diet regain their weight they lost as soon as they finish their diet and most of those who are on diet all the time only gain more weight and become more and more overweight. There are thousands of weight loss programs and products on the market today but non of them take focus on the 3 most important factors that is system that works on 3 major metabolic processes at the same time. These three systems are (1) Thermogenesis,The Right Approach Articles the physiological production of heat to burn calories; (2) normal healthy Glucose/insulin response, which helps reduce the desire for carbohydrates; (3) and cortisol control. Cortisol acts as a signal to our fat cells to hold onto as much fat as possible. Controlling these three metabolic conditions, on top of an appropriate diet and exercise program, gives people the added effect of changing their metabolism so that they can lose weight. The truth is, most weight management approaches fail because our bodies adapt to create defense systems to thwart efforts on only one regulatory system. That’s why it’s important to target weight management with a synergistic, whole body approach that addresses the wide variety of factors contributing to weight management.

There are thousands of weight loss programs and products on the market today. Some restrict carbohydrates, while others restrict proteins. Some say no sugar. Some say no fat. Many include ingredients that have serious side effects to the cardiovascular system. If you’re looking for “a wrong approach” to reach your weight maintenance goals, well then, pick your poison!

High protein / low carbohydrate diets
Crash Diets /Yo-yo dieting
Ephedra and other Stimulants
Fat Free Diets
Single foods or blood type hold the key to weight loss
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Scientists have unlocked the secret to healthy weight loss. For the first time ever we have the ability to scientifically restore our metabolic processes to appropriate levels using our proprietary product system and patented processes. The Right Approach

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