The Mystery Around Colic


You are a proud parent of a happy and healthy 2 week old baby. You and your spouse have both now gotten into a routine that is comfortable concerning nightly feedings, changing and enjoying your new little one. Your life seems perfect.

Then all that changes as your baby begins to cry uncontrollably and you can not find a reason. He will not take a bottle, he doesn’t need a diaper change, he is not running a fever, but he will not stop crying. What could be wrong? The answer more than likely is colic.

All babies cry, but babies with colic cry more than usual for their age and this usually happens around the same time each day. This does not mean they will cry each and every day. Remember, colic and its causes are still a mystery.

The symptoms are basically the same for any baby with colic and is if your baby starts suddenly fussing and crying without any known reason which last more than three hours a day, for more than three days a week, and for more than three weeks. Your baby’s face may turn red and the area around his mouth may even appear pale. His stomach or abdomen area can be swollen and hard. Most infants with colic curl up in a ball and make fists with their hands. The colic episode may end when your little one is exhausted and falls to sleep.

Colic is not considered an illness, disease, and there are no known real cures. It can occur during the second or third week of your little ones life and can continue to occur until 6 months of age.

There is no reason to worry as about 20 percent of all babies have colic. It is not something you or any caregiver has done.

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