THE “FRIENDLY” BACTERIA Necessary To Health!

THE "FRIENDLY" BACTERIA Necessary To Health!

Yes,THE "FRIENDLY" BACTERIA Necessary To Health! Articles there is a friendly and necessary bacterium
required to stay health. Let me tell you a true story.

17 years ago, my 2 year-old grandson had been having
diarrhea for weeks and nothing seemed to stop it. The doctor
had given prescriptions and a diet that wasn’t touching it.
After two weeks of diarrhea it had became watery and
blood tinged making my grandson one tired and cranky
little boy as his system was unable to absorb nutrients
from his food or vitamins. One day a dietitian friend was
visiting us while I had my grandson for the weekend and
I told him how perplexed I was at what to do for this child.
My friend, said to give him a glass of acidophilus milk and
it will clear it up. He went on to explain that the system
was devoid of friendly bacteria namely lactobacillus
among others and acidophilus milk had the friendly bacteria.
I told him my grandson was allergic to milk but he informed
me that even people allergic to milk can take the acidophilus
milk without a problem…

After giving my grandson a glass of the milk he was fine
within a few hours.

That grandson had chronic ear infections from the age of
9 months until he had tubes put in his ears at the age of
five and was on antibiotics off and on the whole four and
something years, which killed off the friendly bacteria and
made it necessary to add probiotics to his system on a
weekly basis. He is now a healthy 19-year old college
student getting straight 4.0 average!

As the years went by I came across adults in the medical
Offices where I worked that were having the same problem
and I prescribed the same treatment, behind the doctors
back, and miraculous things happened for them as well.

At the beginning of my learning about friendly bacteria
It wasn’t available for sale other than the acidophilus milk.
But in the last ten years friendly bacteria has become
available in health food stores in tablet and capsule form,
some will work well while others aren’t as effective.

What is the “friendly” bacterium?

Acidophilus is actually a strain of bacteria, a beneficial one
that naturally inhabits the stomach and bowel, but a “germ”
nonetheless. Despite its lineage, it can be helpful in a
number of healthful situations, most of them involving
digestion and bowel function. When the body fights germs
they are usually expelled through the bowels and/or urinary
tract, therefore making it a necessity at that time to have
a tip-top conditioned intestinal tract.

Yeast infections are a sign of way out of balance intestinal
Flora! Balance it and yeast will scurry…

According to the Colon Health Handbook, a healthy colon
should contain at least 85 percent lactobacillus and 15
percent coliform bacteria. However these days, the typical
colon bacteria count is the reverse, resulting in excessive gas,
bloating, intestinal and systemic toxicity, constipation, and
malabsorption of nutrients. Acidophilus can help to detoxify
harmful substances.

Unfortunately, these bacteria can be killed off by age, oral
contraceptives, aspirin, corticosteroids, poor diet, sugar,
stress and taking antibiotics, causing an imbalance of the
“friendly” bacteria. Supplementing with acidophilus can
result in reversing that condition and maintain a healthy
intestinal flora.

These friendly bacteria help digest food, produce
essential vitamins and help keep bowel function normal.
Acidophilus supports and maintains the growth of the
Lactobacillus bifidus in the intestinal tract. Studies at the
University of Nebraska Medical Center have shown that
Lactobacillus G.G. can enhance immunity, and hints that
other strains of probiotics may deter arthritis, delay colon
cancer and lower bad cholesterol.

Due to our fatty fast food diets, now so prevalent, along
with the OTC (over-the-counter) drugs and prescriptions
given freely, the intestinal tract in the majority of Americans
are lacking in proper friendly bacteria to promote a
healthy intestinal tract. Therefore we have a huge number
of polyps, colon cancer and Irritable Bowel Syndrome’s
running around and the majority can be prevented with
practicing colon health by making sure your intestinal
tract has a balanced friendly bacteria.

Balance by taking a complete ProBiotic supplement at least two
or three days a week if not having any health problem. But if a
health problem exists take daily until you return to normal
eating habits and/or are off medications…

People with a sweet tooth or meat and potatoes only people
need ProBiotic’s daily!

If you are taking an antibiotic take a ProBiotic twice a day
while taking the antibiotic and then for a full week after.

My choice is a tasty chewable that works great for my family
and friends if you want to know what it is

*** Lena Sanchez Author of “Handbook Of Herbs
To Health & Other Secrets,” “Antibiotic Alternatives To
Preventing Mega Bacteria,” & “Dangers & Secrets Doctors
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