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You may have heard of sophisticated power wheelchairs on the news and might want to have one for yourself. Remember that the more services a product offers, the more expensive it becomes. Assess everything first. Do you really need it? Is it worth the price? Or will it give you a lasting service? Here are facts that you might want to know before you decide on which wheelchair to buy.

Wheelchairs are categorized into scooters and power wheelchairs. The main difference between these two categories is the way they are steered. Scooters have handlebar at the end of the tiller that is attached to the front wheel. This handle mechanically turns the wheelchair, thus, controlling its movement. But the speed is usually controlled by the lever that is attached to the handlebars so that you can easily press it with your thumb.

On the other hand, a power wheelchair is that which uses electric motor. It is also known as electric wheelchair. This type of wheelchair has a built in electronic control device, such as joystick, which causes different amount of power to go to the wheels to control both speed and direction. But this doesn’t imply that all power wheelchairs are high performance wheelchairs.

You do not just go for power wheelchairs. They may seem to make your way of life easier but there are still risks that should be considered before buying and using them. They’re probably dangerous for persons who suffer from loss of control or awareness, particularly the elderly. That is why most elderly prefers to use manual wheelchairs or scooters.

Some wheelchairs are designed for outside use. This could only mean that these wheelchairs have special parts that all other wheelchairs do not have. So, you must never use internal wheelchair outside because they have small castor wheels which are easily turned that may result to accident when used outside. You can also avail of the affordable combination wheelchairs, but they are weak in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Both power wheelchairs and scooters are operated manually, but there are wheelchairs especially made for those who can no longer use their hand. These wheelchairs can be maneuvered using the mouth.

Because of its advanced features, power wheelchairs are expensive. It has a standard price of over $3000. For wheelchairs that comprise with many rugged frames and suspension systems, the price is about $10,000. If you do not have the money to pay for these wheelchairs, you can still find a simple model that costs at around $1,500.

Choosing a wheelchair should still depend on the health condition of the patient and other environmental factors. These are essential in ensuring safety.

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