Nurse Lazarus Raises the Dead and Runs a Neat Newsworthy Net Business

Nurse Lazarus Raises the Dead and Runs a Neat Newsworthy Net Business

The emphasis today is on working from home with an internet business. We’re talking today with Margaret Loris,Nurse Lazarus Raises the Dead and Runs a Neat Newsworthy Net Business Articles the Sunhealer. Margaret has an international healing practice based out of Chicago. She markets and promotes her business on the internet and has for years. A successful entrepreneur and gifted healer, Loris travels around the world presenting workshops with the latest healing techniques, explaining to people how they can change their basic DNA programming to bring more success and happiness into their lives.

Fenn: Margaret, in a day and age when so many people would like to have an international business that is successful on the internet, how did you get started?

Loris: I’ve been a healer from the day I was born. Ever since I was a child I would automatically know things that would help and heal people. When I reached six years of age, I loved God so much that I wanted to be a priest and give everyone Holy Communion.

Fenn: You didn’t think about becoming a nun? You must have a clear relationship with your own power.

Loris: Yes, I’m a woman who’s not afraid of power. I use my power to help others.

Fenn: Did you find support in your childhood environment for your healing gifts?

Loris: I could see auras and thought that everyone else could too. I never really paid much attention to it, so nobody else made a big deal of it either. Later when I began studying healing techniques, that’s when everything finally started to fit together and I could use my inner talents more beneficially.

Fenn: How did you start your healing practice?

Loris: I didn’t start it right away. I was a registered nurse specializing in transplants for about twenty one years. I worked in Florida at that time. The work was demanding and satisfying in a way, I mean sometimes we could save someone’s life. But I couldn’t help thinking, what if these people could have healed themselves? What if they didn’t have to go to this extreme in the surgery room?

Fenn: You sound like a healer all right. Did the doctors and other nurses know your powers?

Loris: Yes, they certainly did. I remember as an operating room nurse in a trauma hospital, a neurosurgeon called me Nurse Lazarus, because he said I could bring back the dead. Others would comment on how easily their surgeries went and quickly their patients healed when I worked with them. This is when I knew for sure I was a healer. All my years as an operating nurse plus my healing studies have all given me a complete view of all types and methods of healing techniques. I saw an article this week about God and healing on a national magazine. The world is getting ready for breakthroughs in healing and we’re ready, too!

Fenn: What other healing techniques and methods did you study?

Loris: I graduated from Barbara Brennan’s four-year training program in 1995.

Fenn: For readers who don’t know Barbara Brennan, can you tell us a little about that?

Loris: It’s a school that teaches you how to clean, balance, repair, and center a person’s energy field.

Fenn: I know that must have been a very fulfilling experience. What else did you train in?

Loris: I’m certified in the Australian Living Flower Essences Academy and am trained as a Rapid Eye Technician.

Fenn: Tell us more!

Loris: Rapid Eye Technology is a spiritual therapy that relieves emotional stress. Flower essences are natural health elixirs derived from flowers. Australia uses flower essences in their hospitals and write about their effects in the nursing journals.

Fenn: I can see that gives you a variety of healing methods to work with.

Loris: I wanted to have a full range of abilities, so I also received a Master’s Degree in the Science of Esoteric Psychology.

Fenn: What’s that?

Loris: It’s healing through contact with your soul and becoming soul infused.

Fenn: Wow. And did you say you are ordained in Kabalah course?

Loris: Yes, I’m very proud of my ordination with the third degree of Karin Kabalah. I was ordained at Saint Thomas Christian Church in Atlanta. This gives me the ability to give Kabalistic healings and anoint the dying. I can enter hospitals now as a healing minister and perform healings there as well.

Fenn: It sounds like you’ve been all over the world. Many readers would like to build a healing practice like this and have the independence to work for themselves. Who are some of your mentors, people you admire in the healing arts?

Loris: Vianna Stibal, of course! I spend most of my time now teaching people Vianna’s DNA healing techniques. As I was saying, I hoped one day to see people heal themselves before they have serious surgeries. Vianna cured herself of cancer using the methods I now teach others.

Fenn: Why is it called DNA?

Loris: Because this technique permits us to go to the original genetic blueprint, our DNA, and reconstruct it. We remove negative energies and patterning. We replace it with positive healing energy.

Fenn: Can anyone learn this?

Loris: Oh, yes. I teach everyone from advanced healers to ordinary people who are ready to take that next step. I think that’s what the Aquarian Age is all about … we have the power to heal ourselves and the time is right now! It is also something someone could use to start their own healing practice, just like I have. In no time, you’ll be travelling all over the world, too!

Fenn: You built up a practice that is worldwide. Can you tell us a little about that?

Loris: Yes, I’d be glad to. When you have a program that really works, word gets around. Most of my workshops now are by referral but there was a time when I need a good deal of marketing on the internet. I was one of the first to have my own website and I’ve always enjoyed keeping in touch with people that way.

Fenn: In a time when many people are hesitant to travel, it doesn’t bother you to go the distance, as they say?

Loris: I feel very much in the light when I’m doing my work and I do not feel that I would be in danger of anything negative happening.

Fenn: I notice you also call yourself the Crystal Lady. What’s that all about?

Loris: I’m a person who uses all the kingdoms for healing. Crystals are really great to use on the physical body. It seems that my healings are stronger and more powerful when I use them.

Fenn: And who’s that I see sitting next to you as we’re talking?

Loris: That’s Fritzl, my power animal. Fritzl is my pet dachshund. Fritzl has inspired me to offer a whole line of natural health and healing products for pets. I also publish a monthly newsletter full of tips and techniques to keep your pet healthy, the natural way. We call it the Fritzl Flash for Fur People and it’s very popular.

Fenn: Fritzl certainly looks healthy to me! I’d like to thank you both for being here today and having the interview. When’s your next workshop?

Loris: I’m giving a workshop next month in Holland.

Fenn: How can our readers find out more?

Loris: Contact me at or visit my website

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