Massage Chairs Offer Relief from Obesity Related Back Pain


According to the American Obesity Society 64.5 percent of Americans over twenty years old are overweight and 30.5 percent are obese. These figures represent the growing epidemic of obesity in the United States which is costing billions of dollars in additional health care expenses. Each year, increasing numbers Americans are finding themselves classified as clinically obese and are suffering from one or more of over thirty obesity related diseases. Premier Massage Chairs .org offers natural solutions for a variety of obesity related health problems.

The most serious obesity related health complications are coronary heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Another, less discussed obesity related health complication, is back pain. Increased occurrence of back pain in obese people is caused by the added strain on the spine from excess body weight. The body is designed to function under healthy weight conditions combined with regular exercise. Obesity however creates stressful conditions that the spine is unable to adapt too. Added weight causes the spine to increase its natural curve causing the pelvis to tip forward. This compensation decreases the structural stability of the spine causing overall back health to decline.

Some of the more common obesity related spinal problems are osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid Arthritis. Osteoporosis decreases bone density, increasing the likelihood of painful and disabling fractures. The risk of osteoporosis is increased with lack of exercise and a poor diet. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are caused by unnatural pressure placed on the joints from excess body weight. Massage chairs are an excellent means for relieving this pressure and improving over all back health

The most effective way to help relieve obesity related back problems is to lose weight. Even loosing just ten or fifteen pounds can greatly improve spinal health. Massage therapy is another useful way to reduce back pain. Massage stimulates blood circulation, increasing the flow of healing nutrients to the joints and muscles, as well as helping the body flush pain causing lactic acids and other toxins from sore muscles.

Electric massage chairs are an affordable way to receive the pain relieving benefits of massage therapy. Visit the Premier Massage Chairs website to see our full line of shiatsu massage chairs Premier Health Products produces the highest quality massage chairs on the market including the most advanced chair to date, the PHP-2026 Premier Massage Chairs also offers the NASA engineered Premier Health Products PHP-2022 Zero Gravity Massage Chair This chair is designed to evenly distribute the body’s weight for reduced spine pressure and better circulation. Both of these chairs deliver professional quality massages for under a dollar per use and are an excellent way to relieve back pain caused by obesity.

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