Magnetic Therapy, how and why magnets effect the body

Magnetic Therapy, how and why magnets effect the body

Have you ever read or have been told that “it is not known
why magnets work”? Well,Magnetic Therapy, how and why magnets effect the body. Articles this is untrue. All human and
animal bodies are electromagnetic in nature and this fact is
closely allied to the chemical balance of the body which can
be in either a healthy or an unhealthy state.

It is now known scientifically that a healthy body contains
fluids that are slightly alkaline and that an unhealthy body
is acidic. A poor diet can make the body acidic and in this
state all sorts of dis-eases will thrive. (Dr John Millward
MD, “Your Life in the Balance”, available on our website.)

It is also known that at damaged sites in the body, exists a
positive electrical charge which affects both the chemical
balance the electrical balance in the area resulting in
pain. In order to effect healing, the body’s own systems
send a negative electrical charge to the area. (Dr Robert
Becker, “The Body Electric”)

This healing action of the body is easily restricted by poor
diet, lifestyle, alcohol, drugs etc. There is also a lot of
evidence of something called “Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome”
being a major contributor to restricting the body’s ability
to respond to illness. I will be looking in depth at this
syndrome in a later article.

It is now firmly established that a negative magnetic
field, provided by a geomagnetic north pole magnetic field
(the same as the Earth’s North Pole), is the most natural
way of providing much needed support for the body’s own
immune system.

Dr W Philpott MD, a practitioner of magnet therapy for over
40 years explains that negative magnetic fields oxygenate
and alkalise by aiding the body’s defences and helping to
relieve pain. Further, they combat inflammation and
infection and enhance deep restorative sleep.

This latter point is extremely important. In order to combat
maladies that result from the stress of our current
lifestyles, the correct amount of good quality sleep is
essential. Combine this with the possibility of at least
reducing the amount of powerful drugs taken and what results
is a completely natural complementary therapy.

It is probably wise at this stage just to say that anyone
reading this article that is undergoing a course of
treatment with a health professional should not stop the
treatment but consider using magnetic therapy in support.
Also, magnetic therapy should not be used if any electronic
implants are present in the body.

Given the correct choice and placement of magnetic device,
this is probably the most effective alternative therapy
available. Typical successful application results in 80 to
90% of cases, higher with some forms of dis-ease. Magnet
therapy can be applied by you whenever and wherever needed.
Modern materials technology has produced small powerful
inexpensive magnets which can be used anywhere on the body
and can be moved about to find the best positions. Sleeping
on magnets provides a most efficacious application.

In the next article in this series, I will be looking at the
subject of magnets, their strength measurement and a
complete explanation of polarity.

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