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Leukemia Treatment – Surgery One of the most difficult procedures a doctor can perform is a bone marrow transplant. This procedure is performed in an attempt to repair damages caused by leukemia. The fleshy, yellow or red colored bone marrow tissue is located in the middle of all large bones. It is made up of two stem cell types and provides the body with many necessary materials. Hemopoietic stem cells (the first type) produce blood cells and Stromal stem cells help develop bone, fat and cartilage. Leukemia happens when the bone marrow produces unhealthy blood cell that flow through the body.

Extensive chemotherapy or radiation treatment for leukemia often requires bone marrow transplants in order to replace the tissues damaged by these procedures. Both adults and children with acute forms of leukemia need marrow transplants to replace their defective tissues. These transplants are one of the most complicated and dangerous procedures performed by doctors. A condition called graft-versus-host disease sometimes causes the new transplanted bone marrow to attack the patient’s tissues and bones.

In addition to post surgical trauma and infections, these combinations cause a mortality rate of transplants to more than 10%.To learn more about leukemia treatment please visit our Leukemia website.

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