Journey into the Self – Chakra’s

Journey into the Self - Chakra's

As you are sitting here reading this allow your awareness to turn inwards into yourself.

Become aware of the subtle energy centres in the body and your connection to Mother Earth beneath your feet.

Reach up to the stars with your feelings and feel the whole universe as a part of yourself.

Using your imagination,Journey into the Self - Chakra's Articles visualise each of your energy centres or chakras opening and starting to radiate healing energy from each centre.

Focus on your connection to the planet. Visualise roots of energy growing out of your feet and spiralling down deep into the centre of the Earth.

As this connection gets established, visualise all the negative, stale energy being drawn down these roots. And, as the stale energy leaves your system, feel an exchange of energy taking place.

Feel fresh, revitalised energy coming up these roots into your body. Feel refreshed, revitalized, full of health, happiness, joy and vitality. Feel at one with the Earth.

Allow your attention to rise up your body to the base of the spine. Visualize your Base Chakra opening its four petals. See a vortex of lovely red energy radiating out. Feel it expanding and swirling all around and permeating through the physical body.

Go through this opening process with each Chakra in turn:

· The six petals of the Sacral Chakra radiating beautiful Orange light.
· The ten petals of the Solar Plexus Chakra radiating a lovely Yellow light, all the colours blending together, bringing balance and healing as each extra chakra is added.
· The twelve petals of the Heart Chakra radiating a soothing Green light. Feel the difference as we move from the lower chakras to the more spiritual ones.
· Allow your attention to rest on your Throat Chakra. See the 16 petals opening and a soft Blue light flowing out, mingling and blending.
· You can already feel your Brow Chakra bursting with energy as your attention reaches up to it. See the 96 petals of the Brow Chakra opening, bathing you in Purple light.
· The Crown Chakra and the 1,000-petalled Lotus is your connection to all the planets and stars in the universe. Just feel the universal White light entering through the crown of the head and bathing the whole of your body in the holistic energy. Feel the auras around your body being healed and repaired by this White light. Allow your awareness to expand and feel at one with the whole universe.

As you bring your awareness back to the silence, notice the change in tone. Even though we are talking of silence, note that it has a tone, or a ring, or a grain within it. Note that with the Chakras open your whole energy frequency seems to have been raised.

Use your imagination to visualise some of your heart’s aspirations for yourself and your life. Use all your senses to experience these dreams. You can even run them like a movie over your awareness.

Thinking in the silence is very powerful, as it moves the whole universe to bring you what you desire. Therefore, dream your dream about positive, life-supporting things, which benefit not only yourself but also those around you. Then just let your dream melt into the silence again.

As we start to reconnect with our physical body again, become aware of your Crown Chakra and, as we draw in the petals of the Crown Chakra, feel the energy being left in perfect balance.

Take the awareness to the Brow Chakra. As we draw in the petals of the Brow Chakra, just know that this chakra is responsible for the higher mind functions and sixth senses like Telepathy, Déjà Vu, Premonitions, and all the “Clair’s”: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, etc.

As we take our attention down to the Throat Chakra and draw in the petals, just know that this chakra is responsible for our powers of communication. Not just our voice, but also all the senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell: they all communicate through this chakra.

Passing down to our Heart Chakra, draw in the petals and know that this chakra is responsible for our feelings. This is the connection to finer layers of our self, through all the organs of the body into the cells. Down into the molecules and atoms, right down into the silence of the Void itself.

Now as we come to the Solar Plexus Chakra and draw in the petals, know that this chakra is our emotional centre. Our emotions are stored in the fluids within the body. See the Yellow light of the emotional chakra flowing clearly.

Let’s use the process of forgiveness to claim our energy back. For if we project our emotions to another we give away our power. Take responsibility for yourself through forgiving, both yourself and the other person.

As we take our attention down to our Sacral Chakra, just know this chakra connects us through personal relationships with our family and friends. Know that this web of connections to those we love has been cleansed by the Orange light radiating from the Sacral Chakra.

Finally we come to the Base Chakra. As we draw in the petals of the Base Chakra, know that this chakra helps to maintain our physical body and our connection to the Earth. See this beautiful Red light in perfect balance.

As we draw up the roots from the Earth, feel our batteries fully recharged by the energy we have drawn into our body. Feel in perfect balance, full of health, happiness, joy and vitality, as we return to our normal everyday level of awareness.

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