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“There were rumours of redundancy in our department. Just rumours. But that was enough to start me off. I became very anxious. Every Monday, I’d head for work, convinced I was about to be told to go. I started worrying about what I’d do if I was made redundant – and despite years of experience in my field, I convinced myself that I was unemployable, that no other company would consider me. I felt useless”

Katie now recognises that the irrational thoughts were all part of the anxiety.

“Gradually, it was robbing me of all my confidence, first in my professional self, then in me as a person. It’s bizarre but had I been made redundant, I’d have just gotten on with it and I’d have probably been OK. But the stress of my job and the worry over IF my name was on the list, that was enough to trigger the anxiety.”

As her anxiety grew, so her relationships became affected. “I felt nobody understood what I was going through. Not even my boyfriend. He tried to be supportive but neither he nor my family could really understand. That’s why it’s so important to people with anxiety to talk to somebody who KNOWS what it’s like. It’s only people who’ve lived through it who actually know how awful it is that can help you overcome anxiety!”

Katie’s anxiety led her to start missing work.

“It’s ironic really… but I was never made redundant! Far from it, the company I work for were actually really supportive and agreed to let me have time off. I had days and days of growing increasingly obsessed about my anxiety… and spent hours trawling the internet for a miracle cure.”

Katie found The Linden Method… and although initially skeptical about some of the claims, decided to give it a try.

“When I read the website, at first I couldn’t believe the claims. I mean, I KNEW how bad I felt, knew how awful it was. And here was this man telling me I could be BETTER in a matter of days.”

“However, the Method just makes common sense. I realised that I wasn’t ill. I hadn’t developed a mental condition. And I wasn’t going mad! My anxiety stemmed from a bad behavioural habit that had gone out of control – in my case, it was a constant need to prove myself – both to myself and everybody around me.

Katie has now returned to work full time and is planning on starting a family in the next year or so.

“I went from being this go-getter to hiding away behind my bedroom door! I’d been used to living at a certain level, being this dynamic career girl. I would be responsible for making really vital decisions for the company… but when I became anxious, I couldn’t even decide what to wear! I’d still be hiding now, if it wasn’t for the Linden Method.

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