Faith Does Move Mountains!

Faith Does Move Mountains!

It never ceases to amaze me.

There you are going about your normal day and you
suddenly realize that you’re very worried about
something. It sort of creeps up on you when you feel
the muscles in your shoulders bunch up and you can’t
seem to get enough sleep,Faith Does Move Mountains! Articles no matter how hard you try.

Do you know the signs that tell you when you’ve had
enough? No? Well, learning to recognize them will be
a fundamental first step to helping you to come to grips
with your life.

Some people can’t sleep, some get incredibly tense
shoulder and back muscles, some get irritable and
snappy, some cry and go all weak. Regardless of what
the signs are, you need to get to know what does it for

When you learn to recognize that the stress load you’re
putting on yourself is getting to be too much for your
body to handle, stop and analyze your situation.

It is far better to sort out your problems, fears and
anxieties than to let them keep on stressing you out. Any
of the above symptoms is your body’s way of alerting you
to the fact that you need to take action to resolve the
situation, before there are serious repercussions. It is trying
to tell you to slow down and sort out whatever is happening
so that you can get rid of some of the load and let it repair

In her brilliant book ‘Feel the Fear…And Do It Anyway!’
Dr Susan Jeffers says that it is far easier to face what you
fear than living with the burden of your fear. Once the
problem is faced and resolved, a huge weight is lifted
from your shoulders and you allow yourself to see the
brighter side of things. You sleep better, thus getting
more rest and allowing your body and mind to heal. You
can free up some thinking time to keep your mind
focused on the goals you’ve set rather than worrying
about the past or the future.

When things get too much for you to handle, I always
advise that you say the following verse to yourself and
follow its sage advice

‘I am God. Today I will be handling all of your problems.
Please remember that I do not need your help.

If Life happens to deliver a situation to you that you
cannot handle, do not attempt to resolve it. Kindly put it
in the SFGTH (something for God to handle) box. All
situations will be resolved, but in My time, not yours.’

Once the matter is placed in the box, do not hold onto it
by worrying about it. Instead focus on all the wonderful
things that are present in your Life now.

It works for me without fail. The stronger my Faith
becomes the more I know that I am not alone and that
God will help me through everything in my life. I imagine
Him to be sitting at the back of the hall when I give a
speech, holding me in his arms when I cry, cradling me
to sleep when I’m tired and pinning a gold medal on my
jacket when I’ve achieved.

Imagine a box and put all your cares and worries into it.
Wrap it up nicely and hand it over to God and, as it says,
don’t think about the problems any longer, just know that
the answers will come in their own time. Keep an eye out
for the signs He will send, and soon you will have the
solution to all that troubles you.

I do not know which verse in the Bible this is, but it
inspires me to keep the Faith.

‘Worry not about what you should eat or drink or what
you should wear, for your Heavenly Father knows you
need all of these things, but first seek the Kingdom of
God and all these things will be given to you.’

May you find the Faith you need to get where you want
to go.

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