Epitrex for Eczema


If you suffer from Eczema, then you know Eczema is hard to treat.

Epitrex contains ingredients that go to work instantly to help to stop eczema flare-ups from the inside and the outside and prevent new eczema flare-ups from ever occurring. Epitrex is potent botanical solution that can help free you from the embarrassment and pain of eczema.

Epitrex is easy to use. You simply take the Epitrex capsule twice a day and spray the Epitrex Topical Solution directly any eczema flares at least twice a day, or as needed. That’s it.

We want you to realize that Epitrex is not going to cure your eczema. There is no cure for eczema, but you can relieve the itching and burning, reduce the inflammation and redness, minimize your discomfort, and speed healing.

Learn more about Epitrex.

Epitrex is composed of ingredients that have been proven to boost your immune system, fight off infection and strengthen your resistance to eczema flares. Epitrex Topical Solution WILL help to end the itching, pain and discomfort almost imediately after your first application, while Epitrex Capsules will help to clear your eczema flares and prevent new ones from forming.

While most customers report that they notice a marked differance in the itching and pain within seconds of applying the Epitrex Topcial Solution, nearly all see a remarkable difference in the appearance of eczema within 24 hours. For some customers with a lowered immune system or a more advanced eczema flare, it can take 24-48 hours to see a noticeable difference. Epitrex will not work for everyone. We do have 8-10% of customers with eczema that Epitrex does not seem to work for. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee for a full year.

We want Epitrex to work for you and to help your eczema problem, but if it doesn’t we don’t want you to pay for something that didn’t work for you. That’s the Selmedica Healthcare customer service commitment. Learn more about Epitrex.

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