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Many health problems can be treated with Enzymes. Gas, lactose intolerance, food allergies, poor appetite, intestinal disturbances and autism are just a few of the conditions that respond dramatically to enzyme based therapies.

Enzyme Rich foods:

Organic or not, fresh or frozen:
Fresh organic OR frozen:

All other fruits and vegetables accept potatoes
* Note- Best if juiced because the pulp is hard to digest and depletes enzymes.

Goat’s milk, full fat
Goats milk cheeses, full fat-no powdered milk
Sour cream (with active cultures)
Enzyme supplements; The quality of these varies greatly.

-Isotonix® Digestive Enzyme Formula with Probiotics
Raw Grass-fed:

Meat-especially bone marrow/soup bones, heart and Liver.
egg yolks
Goat’s milk
Goat’s cheese
*Note-Infection prevention is obtained easily by taking fresh garlic, hot chilies and yogurt with raw animal foods; garlic and chilies kill fungus, bacteria and parasites, yogurt bacteria serve as formidable competition against bad bacteria and fungus.

Wild game meats and eggs
Raw wild game (although this can be risky, it’s less risky than eating raw meat from chain groceries)

Some of the worst foods for gas, autism and other enzyme linked illnesses are:

Fresh non-organic fruits and vegetables from your local grocery.

Regular milk from your local grocery store, especially reduced fat.
Regular cheese from your local grocery store- if it contains any powdered milk or fat reduced milk and most of them do.
Powdered milk products of any kind.

Unfresh, cooked soy/corn fed meats.
*Note-At least half the meat in most grocery stores falls under this category. Ground beef is the most risky because it decays faster and is more easily infected by bad bacteria. Also, nationally known investigative reporters tested meat and found it’s common for grocery stores to repackage old meat with new dates, bleach and dye red old meats, etc.

Egg whites
*Note-these foods contain enzyme inhibitors
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