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Office  chairs are the most important furniture for anyoffice not only for the looks of the office but also forthe health and efficiency of the staff. Office  chair designhas come a long way from the simple prototypes ofyesteryears.

Today’s office  chairs promote health, are ergonomicallydesigned, improve your posture and even help you tomeditate and relax.

Here are a few types of new office chairs available in themarket –

1. Kneeling office chairs – These office chairs have noback support. They incline forward and thus allow the hipsto slide forward. This office  chair naturally aligns theneck, spine and shoulders.

2. Saddle chairs – Saddle office  chairs are so namedbecause sitting on them is like sitting astride on a horse.These chairs can solve lower back problems quitesuccessfully. The height of the office  chair is easilyadjustable. It works well as a desk or a computer chair.

3. Exercise ball  chairs – These chairs are shaped like aball. You can use them as a desk or computer chair. It isdifficult to slouch in such a chair because the user has tosit upright. The exercise-ball office chair encouragesmovement while sitting because it is a bit bouncy. Thismovement keeps up the blood circulation and keeps themuscles in constant use.

4. Recliner  chairs – Recliner office chairs help the userto work in a reclining position. It is suitable for peoplesuffering from spinal injuries. A small table can beattached to the  chair to enable the user to work.

5. Balans  Chair – The Balans office  chair keeps the user’slegs at an angle of 135 degrees to the spine. In thisposition, while sitting upright, the weight is distributedbetween the front and the back of the spine and along itslength evenly.

You can select an office chair for you depending on yourspecific requirements. Whatever type of office chair youend up using, experts suggest the following tips to keepyour body and back in good condition:

  • Take a break every hour. Do not keep sitting through outthe day. Stand up and walk around periodically.
  • Change your sitting position at different times. Keepinga single position is not naturally good for the body.
  • Sit straight without back support for at least some timeduring the day.
  • Even while sitting, try to move around as much aspossible – pick up the phone, reach for the file or simplyget up and stretch.

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