Could Hypertension Simply Be “Thick” Blood?

Could Hypertension Simply Be "Thick" Blood?

Sounds ridiculous,Could Hypertension Simply Be "Thick" Blood? Articles doesn’t it? Well, that’s what many
renowned natural health practitioners refer high blood
pressure to.

What causes hypertension or high blood pressure?
Some people think it’s being overweight, stress, salt and
a host of other factors.

Here’s another idea. Your blood becomes dirty.
Normally, the dirt is filtered out by the liver. But
eventually your liver gets dirty too. So your blood
can’t flow easily through the liver, and it gets
blocked. Often medical doctors put patients on
blood thinners to thin it out to work it through the

But the problem is, that filter still has to filter.
And if it’s dirty, it can’t do the job. So the course of
wisdom would be to detox and strengthen the liver.

Conventional allopathic medicine assures us
that there is no cure for hypertension–only control
which must be continued for life. Often this control
consists of daily medication which is in the form of
strong chemical diuretics. These chemicals leach
potassium out of the body at an astounding rate. The
leached potassium is then replaced by the administration
of inorganic caustic chemical potassium which does
more harm than good. The kidneys can become
overworked by the processing of these drugs.

Why not go to the cause of hypertension instead
of merely treating symptoms? Naturally, we have
been provided with herbs and foods that will totally
provide for the proper chemical balance of
potassium and sodium in the body, as well as
stimulate sluggish livers.

In nature, the ratio of sodium to potassium is
about 1 to 5. Man has altered this state by the ingestion
of massive amounts of salt in the diet. We are able
to assimilate about 20 grains (the small salt particles)
a day into our human system. The average American
man ingests about one teaspoon of salt a day. This
comes in processed foods, such as cheese,
processed meats, breads, snacks, etc., as well as
additional salt from the old salt shaker.

Excess sodium can force its way into the spaces
between the tissues constricting capillaries that are
so small only one red blood cell may pass through
them at a time. This phenomena shuts down blood
and nutrient (including oxygen) supplies to various areas
of the body. Unchelated sodium also has the ability
to hold water in the tissues causing edema. Salt
is also very hard on the small tubules in the kidneys
and has an affinity for cholesterol–another substance
which plugs up arterial plumbing.

Dr. John Christopher, N.D. would often recommend
foods high in potassium to help in blood pressure
regulation. Grape juice, potatoes, tomatoes, citrus
fruits and green vegetables are only a few of such foods.

In other words, by combining lifestyle modifications
with whole-food supplements designed to bring the body
into homeostasis, you’ll have a winning combination to
balance the body’s electrical construction.

Many monitor their hypertension with a sphygmomanometer
and a stethescope. Today, that market produces easier
monitoring devices. In any case, once you are in harmony
with nature’s cures and the electrical construct of both
the universe and your body, you will not need external
instruments to measure your health, which I’m sure you’ll
agree is a gift.

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