Anti-aging effects of Copper Peptide/DMAE


In an article in Body Language Dermatogy in April 2003, Dr Pickart expounded on the reasons for skin aging and the hope found in copper peptide. He stated that “During human ageing, skin becomes thinner and accumulates various skin lesions and imperfections. The structural proteins are progressively damaged causing collagen and elastin lose their resiliency.

The skin’s water-holding proteins and sugars diminish, the dermis and epidermis thin, the microcirculation becomes disorganized, and the subcutaneous fat cells diminish in number. Decades of exposure to ultraviolet rays, irritants, allergens, and various environmental toxins further intensify these effects. The result is a wrinkled, dry, inelastic skin populated by unsightly lesions.

By ageing reversal, I do not mean the slowing of ageing as anti-aging therapies purport to accomplish but rather the reversion of skin to a biologically younger stage.” He also went on to show how age-reversal was possible with stable copper peptide formulations. Dr Perricone, in his best-seller “The Wrinkle Cure” expounded to us the lifting and tightening of skin tissue whenever DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) was applied to the skin of his patients.

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