Age successfully … it’s in your hands


MANKIND is no longer looking for the fountain of youth. Now, we are creating the fountain of youth.

With science helping us change directions, contemporary society has a whole new approach to aging.

Already, hormone replacement therapies — physician monitored hormone supplements — are being given to older people to delay aging.

In the era of DNA modification, gene manipulation, stem cell therapy and nanotechnology, anything is possible in the future.

” But until then, a good attitude and a healthy lifestyle will do just as well, ” says Dr Rajbans Singh, a specialist in geriatric medicine based in Kuala Lumpur.

” Aging will happen, people will die, but it’s in your power to make it a happy, healthy time. Take personal responsibility for your own aging.

” Find out for yourself what you need to do to age successfully.

” There are wonderful role models in our society. Ultimately, it’s in your hands. “


1. Have goals and a positive attitude :

Elderly people with lots of achieve ( activities, hobbies, projects, jobs ) and a positive disposition are happy people.

” It’s the mental exercise they do. They get enough rest, enough physical exercise but most of all they are mentally busy.

” All their time is occupied for a goal. They are driven by purpose. A lot of people have no idea what to do on a Saturday afternoon. “

2. A good night’s sleep :

Senior citizens who sleep well at night usually have a pleasant life.

” Age changes our hormones, including the sleep hormones. Older people typically report less sleep or notable change sin their sleep patterns.

” For some, it’s insomnia. People who report poor sleep are often unwell in other ways, sometimes seriously. “

3. Optimum nutrition :

People with a lifelong habit of healthy eating tend to enjoy old age in great health.

” The perfect diet is low calorie and high fiber. All the food groups are represented and it strongly features fruit and vegetable. This is universally accepted as the best kind of diet. “

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise :

This is the best buy in public health.

” People who exercise daily ease into old age successfully. After age 40, dramatic changes take place in the body affecting overall health and especially hormone balances. Exercise restores hormone levels.

” It’s a good idea to have an exercise habit in place by 40. Still, it’s better late than never. I say start now. “

5. Stress management :

A life of relative calm, an orderly home and financial fitness will help.

” Stress releases high levels of adrenaline and cortisone. High levels of these two hormones all the time is decidedly unhealthy for the brain and body.

” Highly stressed older people will inevitably become unwell, and sometimes get quite ill. “

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