A Possible ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease – Breakthrough

A Possible ALS - Lou Gehrig’s Disease - Breakthrough

An ALS patient was sent home from the hospital to die. She
was completely paralyzed,A Possible ALS - Lou Gehrig’s Disease - Breakthrough Articles on a lung machine and fed through
a tube. In desperation, the family approached a doctor friend.
This doctor had the family feed her the ingredients of a newly
developed nutritional product along with some high quality
mega vitamins and minerals. Two weeks later she no longer
needed the lung machine. In a few months she had gained
enough strength and mobility to go to the bathroom and
otherwise move around with assistance. She is now eating
the equivalent of one meal a day and continuing to improve.

Your first reaction is that this story is not possible. That is
what every doctor and medical journal will tell you. That is
what your local ALS support groups will tell you because
till now no one with ALS has ever seen this kind of
improvement. But I am here to tell you the story is true.
The lady is very much alive and her family is ecstatic.

Can this story be repeated with other ALS patients? We
are convinced this event is a breakthrough that can benefit
most, if not all, people who suffer from ALS, but we won’t
know till other people with ALS use our secret products and
experience the same improvement. One thing is sure; they
have nothing to lose and might regain a life worth living.

The same doctor has used these products on people with
Multiple Sclerosis with similar successes. It could prove to
be a product that can add years of healthy living in the lives
of people.

For information on how you can obtain this product,
contact George McClelland at gjmc@lakewebs.net

George McClelland
308 Circle Drive
Checotah, OK 74426
918-473-3512 or 918-843-4894

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