11 Tips to Enjoy Summer Life and Still Keep Your Shape


Summer is about to be in full swing, and it’s that time when everyone wants to look impressive in their “lack” of clothing. While I can’t promise you that you’ll achieve a fitness model body, I can at least give you some simple but important tips in achieving a leaner physique. Listen up!

Behavioral changesguarantee your success – not just knowledge alone. You mayalready have drawn out your road map with your nutritional planand your workouts, so take that strategy and ACT on it. Staymotivated and consistently remind yourself of your fitness goal. Here are 11 basic tips to get you jumpstarted!

1. CUT THE SIMPLE CARBS. It’s unfortunate that the majority ofsociety is a “carb junkie.” This especially applies tooverweight individuals mainly because their bodies struggle withinsulin sensitivity. Our body absolutely needs carbohydrates,but one has to learn to appropriately reverse the ratio of simplecarbs (high glycemic) to complex carbs (low glycemic). Mostimportantly reducing total sugar intake. Having a positive ratioof complex to simple carbs will allow the body to regulate bloodsugar levels, burn more fat as fuel, and ultimately lose moreweight.

2. EAT SMALLER, MORE FREQUENT MEALS. Smaller, frequent feedingsabout every 3-4 hours prevents your blood sugar levels fromspiking dramatically throughout the day. This helps yourhormones stay in check, while regulating hunger as well. Ultimately, it helps elevate metabolism, it’s easier on yourdigestive system, and it can eventually provide you with moreenergy throughout the day.

3. CONSUME MORE FUNCTIONAL FATS. Essential fatty acids, such asomega-6 and omega-3 consumed in appropriate ratios of 2:1 orbetter yet at 1:1 will allow the body to regulate your hormones,calm down inflammation, and stabilize blood sugar levels. Thiseventually leads to greater fat loss. So suck it up, and buyyour fish and flax oils at your local health food store.

4. DOWN THAT WATER. Water is often overlooked, but it’s thenumber one nutrient for our body to survive. Staying hydratedaids with digestion, curbs your appetite, and flushes ourmetabolic waste. Make sure to get in at least 64 oz per day.

5. INCREASE FIBER INTAKE. This nutrient keeps food moving alongyour gastrointestinal tract, and like water, it aids in flushingmetabolic waste. It also helps maintain consistent energylevels, slows the rate of carbohydrate digestion, whichstabilizes blood sugar levels.

6. ABSTAIN FROM ALCOHOL. Not only is alcohol estrogenic(negatively affects testosterone for men), can lead to fat gain,and has a whopping nutrition-empty 7 calories per gram, but ittakes precedence over fat metabolism when introduced into thebody. Alcohol actually shuts down the fat burning mechanism forup to 48 hours, so avoid it as much as possible.

7. SPICY METABOLISM. Incorporating a variety of spices in yourfoods such as curry, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and certain herbsmay help boost your metabolism. Spices also help withstabilizing blood sugar levels.

8. COMBINE WEIGHT TRAINING WITH YOUR CARDIO. While aerobicactivity may burn a great deal of calories, especially whenmaintained at a high intensity, you’ll achieve greater success bycombining it with resistance training. This is because properresistance training stresses all of your muscles fiber types(Type 1 and Type 2). When you stress your muscles effectively,you either maintain and strengthen your current muscle mass oryou even gain some. For every pound of muscle you gain itequates to 50 extra calories you can burn per day. So rememberto hit the weights at least three times per week along with yourcardio.

9. SLOW DOWN YOUR EATING. No one truly gets to sit down andhave a nice relaxing meal nowadays, especially with our busyschedules. Learning and realizing to slow down the pace at whichwe eat prevents compulsive overeating and assists our digestion. It takes at least 20 minutes between the time you’re full andwhen your brain actually realizes it. Slowing your eating willalso allow you to enjoy your meal.

10. WATCH FOR FOOD ALLERGIES. Many people are allergic to dairyand wheat products. Being sensitive to these two food categorieshave been shown to cause weight gain. If you’re consuming a diethigh in refined foods, these sensitivities become more evident. This causes digestive problems such as bloating, stomach pain,and water retention. If you’re not sure you may want to consideran allergy test.

11. GET YOUR ANTIOXIDANTS. Getting your daily dose ofantioxidants from either a good multi-vitamin, a specificantioxidant supplement combination, or even a healthy combinationof fruits and vegetables is important for combating toxins heldin fat cells. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, polyphenolsin green tea, etc. help your body reduce the time that toxinsstay in your system.

So there it is – 11 basic tips to help you achieve a healthierand leaner physique. It’s never to late to take action. Havefun and enjoy the summer!

The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to medically diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult a health care practitioner before beginning any health care program.

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