Why Not Try a Zero-Gravity Recliner


If you’ve ever had a doc say, your back will feel better if you lie on the floor and put your feet in a chair, I’ve got some good news for you.

You can’t see TV very well in that floor position, but you can buy a very comfortable chair that accomplishes doc’s orders at stores all over the country.

It’s called a “zero gravity recliner” because it reclines to the same position as lying on the floor with feet in chair, only without the hassle or TV deprivation. Honestly, there are recliners that do not stress the back, in fact HELP THE BACK, for most people, and they’re easy to find.

Why does this chair make a difference? Just as docs have been suggesting for years, the back is better if you get your feet above your heart because in addition to helping circulation, this position also helps the back.

When the knees do some of the work of supporting the body in a “zero gravity chair”, there are few to no pressure points on the back.

Your back feels better, sometimes very quickly, because you have eliminated the pressure on the point where you have been hurting.

This is not rocket science, it’s logical and even better readily available.
More good news: you can buy either a manual or a motorized version, so it works for most everyone.

My personal experience is very positive. I had regular lower back pain and sometimes my back would simply “go out”, and I’d be in bed a few days.

Now I spend about 20-30 minutes in the chair listening to the news, (who can watch it these days) in the full zero gravity recline position. After that I can come up in the chair to a good position for watching TV and still be doing a great thing for my back.

Zero gravity is virtually pressure-point free for your back and half-way up is still very supportive and healthy allowing for diminishing back pain.
Try it, you’ll like it.

For 10 years I have been an ergonomic consultant and have been helping people achieve a better back. I hope you like the articles and will click on the ads, which are full of good information about helping achieve a better back. Working in this field has taught me a great deal about the causes, treatments, and products which can help one have a better back and/or neck, shoulders, etc. In this blog I hope to learn from you, as well as give you the benefit of my years of helping people help themselves to get and maintain a better back.


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