Can Women Still Exercise While Raising A Family?


Do you know how to quickly and easily adapt your eating and exercise habits so you can achieve the results you want and deserve,Guest Posting and still have the time for a great family life?

But first, understand this; Your health is the most valuable asset you have and if it goes south, you’ll inevitably spend everything you have, financially and emotionally, to get it back!

But intellectually understanding what should be done, and actually doing it, as it relates to exercise, are two very different things.

So please take a few minutes to carefully read this information, because having the RIGHT information is critical.

Exercise sure looks very easy to fit into your daily life, if you go by what you see in all the magazines, ads and television programs out there, doesn’t it?

These ads are the same everywhere you look. Women going to the gym for their daily workout. Then leaving feeling great and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

If you go by this, it would seem that it’s extremely easy to fit into the every day life of all women.

But is this “vision” of exercise, reality for you and most other women, especially if you have a family?

Of course not.

It’s these same magazines, ads etc that never tell you about exercise and family life; looking after an ill child or children at home, having to change 20 diapers a day (and in the middle of the night), making meals for your entire family, etc.

I could go on forever listing all the things we as parents have to do, and being a parent of a small child I know first hand the difficulties that can arise.

I’ve been a fitness professional for over 14 years, and even I find it difficult at times.

It’s even worse when you have older children who have after school activities as well as a baby at home; both of my sisters are in this situation.

As I mentioned to you earlier, exercise is essential for a healthy life. There are many ways that you can incorporate it into your life even if you think you can’t.

Exercise on a repeated basis, even moderate exercise like going for a walk, walking up stairs instead of taking an elevator, parking your car at the far end of the parking lot when shopping, etc. will help you to improve your fitness and reduce your risk of health problems like heart disease.

Keep in mind to see any health benefits you have to do this type of exercise on a regular basis several times a week.

You might be saying to yourself that this may be fine for health reasons, but what if you want to see greater benefits?

Like many women who are raising a family, because of all the ads you see and exercise magazines you read, you may have difficulty with the commitment it appears to take to see the results you want.

You may also be unable to understand the importance of progression and versatility, and lack the personal accountability to achieve your goals, which inevitably leads to eliminating exercise all together.

Why? Three reasons:
1. Bad information;
2. It’s easy to cheat yourself…
3. No guidance.

If you prepare your exercise sessions and program sensibly, help your family and friends to understand why you want to and need to exercise, and look at it in a new light yourself, you can easily eliminate any roadblocks that you may have.

Exercise With Your Family

When you include family activities that can be used as exercise, you will create a strong family commitment and support system. You can use the following exercise guidelines to make exercise fun for you and your family, and see some actual physical results.

– Go for daily walks with your entire family. If your children are old enough to ride a bike or rollerblade, let them while you walk, jog, ride a bike or rollerblade yourself;
– Get a baby jogger. You don’t have to run or jog; walking at a fast pace will do just as good, but you should get a baby jogger they’re much easier and smoother than a regular stroller for this;
– Whenever you and your spouse or friends have free time, use it to go for a hike, a day of fun with the kids in the park, etc. When kids are at a park you’ll get a lot of exercise because I’m sure you’re aware that all children love to go up and down on the slide, swing etc. and they always want their parents to do it with them, so do it;
– At home, get yourself a stationary bike. They’re easy and convenient, and most importantly quiet. So you can hop on it and exercise when your little one is taking a nap;
– Make sure your spouse knows how you feel and what you want to accomplish;
– Take the st airs wherever you go instead of the elevators;
– Play your children’s games with them: hopscotch, kick ball, jumprope or what ever they come up with;
– Take the dog for a walk;
– Walk your children to school if it’s nearby just or park your car nearby and walk the rest of the way;
– As a family, select tasks that can come after you exercise;
– Stay organized. When the rest of your life is operating smoothly you’ll easily fit exercise in;
– Stick to a routine. Many women get up early to exercise before the day starts;
– Walk whenever possible. To and from church, work, the store, or a friend’s home;
– Schedule exercise appointments just like you would any other meeting or obligation;
– Always keep an upbeat point of view about exercise. Realize that it’s a part of life and that it’s very important not only for your health, but for the health of your entire family.

You know that it’s good for you, so make it a part of your every day routine. You can effectively exercise while keeping up with your other everyday-jobs.

Think about your current health and fitness situation, and imagine where you’ll be very soon if you use just some of the exercise tips mentioned.

The best way to have a stress free family life, good health and the body you desire, is through consistent exercise.

But It’s Important To Remember…

You must exercise on a regular basis if you are to notice any positive results.

Whether it’s using some of the methods mentioned here or taking it a step further and buying some home exercise equipment or going to the gym to have a short but very productive exercise session, you must make an effort to do it consistently.

You are your own best guide to what is right for you when it comes to exercise.

Through exercise you’ll receive many different health benefits, and a terrific family life can also be added to that list.

Phil Beckett is the author of The New Women’s Guide To Successful Weight Loss & Fitness. He’s helped thousands of women with their weight loss, health & fitness goals over the past 14 years. Visit to contact Phil

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