What Water Aerobics Can Do For You


Do you need physical and mental stimulation? Do you need to tighten your flab around your whole body? If you have answered yes or no to any of these questions. Read on.

I love to swim. I made it extremely important to have my children take swimming classes when they were small. This is something we all share in my family the love of the water and especially swimming. I have been in and out of pools for years swimming. Now I have discovered something better than swimming lengths. I have discovered pool aerobics. They rock folks. They rock.

Do you want to see your flab tighten into a tight firm body? Do you want fun doing this? The pool is where you start.

Find a water aerobics class. I have been to different ones. Some of the classes target Cardio. Some are conducted in shallow water and they require a lot of jumping. I find, this kind of aerobics causes stress on my body which becomes extremely sore and painful. This is not the kind of workout I need. Now where I live in a large mobile home park we have a nice size pool. We have started our own water aerobics group. I live and breathe for this group (3) three times a week. I have started shedding inches. My jeans are falling off .

The pool we work in is a deep water pool which is the best kind. We wear light weight belts. By wearing a weight belt we can do all kind of abdominal exercises by being balanced in the water. We also use a noodle and hand weights.

The women I am working with have been doing this for years. They are inspirational and very knowledgeable in the different exercise we do and what affects which part of the body. When the leader said, “Grab your noodle and lets pogo down to the other end of the pool.” I thought I was hearing things. But I want to tell you they did just that.

They stood on the noodle with both feet and balanced perfectly and hopped down to the other end of the pool and back several times. I am now at the baby stage of just learning to stand on it without falling off. I have been able to actually move my legs up and down about 10 times before I lose my balance and tumble in the water.

We have a great group of women and I can not tell you enough of all the wonderful things the water aerobics have done for me. I am now thinking more clearly about my life. I want to do more things. I do not want to vegetate in front of the television and grow. I want to move and tighten my body and live.

Thank you for reading my article. Please feel free to read any of my numerous articles on various subjects. Linda Meckler Copyright 2008

Linda is the author of her first published book, “Ghost Kids Trilogy. “Christy, 12 and her Brother Brad, 16 move into an old house and meet Ghost Kids. Adventures keep you mystified until the hunt for Pirates’ Treasure.
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