What Are the Benefits and Risks of Doing Cardio in the Morning?


Everyone who wants to get rid of extra fat wants to do it as quickly as possible. In our western culture we are used to getting this quickly and easily. People always look for quicker and easier ways to accomplish their goals. I think that most people have heard that performing cardio first thing in the morning is a very controversial technique. Some say that you burn fat more efficiently if you do cardio in the morning. And some say you will lose muscle if you do it. So who is right? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

With low blood sugar and glycogen levels on awakening, it appears that the body is in a perfect state to burn fat preferentially, but that, combined with high morning cortisol levels, means it may also be a perfect state to burn muscle. Doing cardio in the morning in a fasted state is a high risk but highly beneficial method. But there are different methods how you can reduce the risks.

The potential of losing lean body mass is the biggest concern. As we all know it takes a lot of calories just to maintain muscle mass, so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. A very effective way to reduce the risks is to eat a small protein meal immediately after waking up. No carbohydrates or fats, just protein. Consuming a protein shake would be very good. This decreases the risk by suppressing cortisol and preventing muscle breakdown, while maintaining the high benefit by keeping your blood sugar and insulin levels low.

Doing cardio in the morning does not work for everyone. Some people just can’t seem to get themselves going in the morning. If you are like that then there is no need to do cardio in the morning. What matter is how many calories you burn during 24 hours. But if you are a morning person and you reduce the risks and monitor your body composition carefully then go for it.

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