Walking For Heart Health


Getting started

It’s getting started that can be painful, especially if you’ve been sedentary for a long, long time and just can’t see your old bod working that hard. So first, go see your doctor and make sure you are healthy enough for exercise. If you are, though, you’ve got no excuses.

When you first start walking on your treadmill, set yourself a pace of about 3 miles an hour, and go no more than 10 minutes. Don’t try to do more, because you’ll make yourself sore and you’ll have to take some time off, which will probably make you give up altogether. For the first week you walk on a treadmill, just make a point of getting on it every day and walking for 10 minutes at about 3 miles an hour.

Slowly, over time, up your time on the treadmill to about 20 minutes. When you’ve reached 30 minutes, you can do a couple of things to increase the effort you have to put into your workout so that you keep seeing results. Number one, you can wear weights on your wrists or ankles to make it harder and increase resistance, number two, you can increase the incline on your treadmill if it’s got this function so that you’re walking uphill. This will burn more calories, too, and it will keep your workout “ramped up” so that you stay challenged.

A third thing you can do is to begin to jog on your treadmill. Doing a slow jog at first and then gradually increasing your speed is going to make you burn more calories and challenge muscles so that you get in better and better shape. Be careful, here, though, because jogging is hard on the knees especially, so take it slow at first and gradually work up. If your knees begin to bother you, slow it down and use one of the other methods to make your workout harder.

In just a few weeks…

In just a few weeks, you should begin to see real results, you should have more stamina, more energy, and perhaps best of all, you’ll have a much brighter mood. Who knew you could get all of that from walking on a treadmill?

When you start a regimen that includes a 5×5 Workout, you will find that you will be able to gain the muscle you desire. Don’t let the word stronglifts scare you away from a program that will give you the sculpted body and 6-pack abs you have been dreaming about

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