The “Tabata Protocol” – Burn Fat Effectively in 13 Minutes a Day


The “Tabata Protocol” is not new, but it’s pretty likely you haven’t heard of it yet. It’s been around for a while, but just not actively discussed in a lot of fitness circles. Too bad, it can really help a lot of people if they figured out how to get it into their regular fitness routines.

The Tabata Protocol, Explained Simply

Izumi Tabata, Ph.D. developed the Tabata Protocol originally for the Japanese speed skating team. Tabata was a researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Fitness and Sports. The Tabata Protocol is quite effective, to say the least

What’s Different About This Interval Routine?

Have you ever tried an interval routine that only involves 6-8 hard 20-second intervals, alternated with 10 seconds of rest in between? Yes, that’s all that this workout takes. The entire event takes about 3-4 minutes, but adding on five minutes of warmup and five for cooldown takes a grand total of about 13 minutes.

Can You Really Burn Any Body Fat In 3-4 Minutes?

It’s been shown that this particular pattern of short, intense intervals can increase your metabolic rate significantly for hours after you finish. Long after you finish working out, you’re still burning calories. This kind of interval training is very effective for burning fat while keeping muscle tissue healthy.

Short Does Not Equal Easy!

Just because it doesn’t take a long time, the Tabata Protocol is not an easy workout. If you do it properly, it is a difficult 3-4 minutes. Top athletes have been known to struggle, but they will stick with it knowing it will improve body fat levels as well as aerobic and anaerobic capabilities.

What Exercises Do You Do During the Tabata Protocol Workout?

The choices are nearly limitless for this method of cardio workout. Try an exercise bike, an elliptical trainer, or a track. Pretty much the only poor choice is a treadmill, only because it takes too long for the treadmill to adjust to different speeds and these intervals are so short. Anything that allows you to reach an intense level of exertion quickly will work perfectly.

The Tabata Protocal Will Improve Your Skills In Your Chosen Sport

Whether you’re a boxer, a basketball player, or a gymnast, intense interval work can improve your abilities. Athletic performance at any level will improve as a result of using these methods in a committed way.

Fitting the Tabata Protocol Into Your Workouts

Don’t be fooled, this is not an easy way to work out. But, this intense form of exercise can replace your other high-intensity workouts for more effective results. It will save you time, which many busy people can appreciate. A few shorter days each week might be nice. Try it and see if you can get some results, it’s worth a shot!

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